Healing of relationships

The need for healing the soul from all kinds of traumas from this and from former incarnation plus the general balancing and vitalizing of mind, soul and body is totally underestimated on the spiritual path by most people. Quite the contrary, healing is often the biggest challenge in the training and not doing exercises. Only if you are in a vital, healthy, well-balanced state, the doors for progress will open.

A super important aspect in this regard is the healing of relationships with all kinds of people like family members, relatives, friends, old flames and certainly negative people, enemies, evil people, etc. And this is not limited to this life but also to former incarnations. Quite often bad relationships continue from one life to the next one until healing has taken place.

Here it is very important to understand that two persons who are in any kind of relationship are naturally connected by an energy “rope”, a highway of emotions. The two persons have also energy fields of resonance in their energy bodies. These are mental and emotional energies, sometimes also hurts, wounds. All these things need a deep healing. This means that all what is negative in the relationship must be dissolved, that all wounds must be cleaned, healed and closed and that the relationship must be turned into a positive or neutral quality. And only then the involved persons are liberated from each other, from the necessity to interact to solve the old problems.

Let´s take the case that it is the relationship of two person who once loved each other but then the relationship turned bad with a lot of hurts and damage. Even if they are divorced, karma will keep their connection until all these hurts are healed and the relationship is balanced, at least neutral. So we all are forced by karma to make peace with each other.

Or let´s take the case that you have an enemy who cause permanently trouble and bothers you a lot. This relationship needs healing too and even if it probably won´t turn into love and understanding, it must neutralize for you both, so that there is no longer a victim or a perpetrator. The interest for fighting must vanish on both sides.

The healing treatment does not need the presence of the second person. It is enough when you focus your intention on healing you both and your relationship. Hypnotherapy works well, even better you can use spiritual healing, the healing with energy.

The results are great and often easier to realize than one might think. Healing of a relationship means to accomplish freedom and peace of mind! In fact, you really cut the big and nasty ropes which have kept you bond to the other person, to painful events, bad emotions, etc. Freedom is one of the most beautiful gifts you can experience. Especially after being imprisoned over years or over whole incarnations. Cutting bad ties is great. And the suffering stops immediately, also the lacking of energy.

All those who have received the initiation and education as mystic healers in the Sura Academy can realize these healings easily.

In best case make a list with all people in your life and then work on healing all your relations. You will feel great afterwards.

This technique will be also the key for many chronical problems or problems with family.

We all need healing. The world needs healing. Start with yourself!