About the misuse of coffee

Today it is the standard to drink a lot of coffee. Coffee has not the main purpose to drink it just for enjoying the taste but to restore and increase your performance. We are living in a high-performance society, and so we are forced to show always high performance even when we would prefer to take a break or to enjoy spare time.

This is already an ill state, an ill life style. But we ignore this and we push us daily to the limits and beyond.

Let´s examine the processes. Let´s imagine you are tired and exhausted due too much work but you have no time for a break, no time for a nap and no time to restore your energies in a natural-positive way. So you drink coffee. The coffee activates your kidneys and the production of adrenaline, the stress hormone. Normally this happens only when you are in a situation of real danger where you must fight or escape. But today you do not fight and you cannot escape. You are forced to work even when you are exhausted. So, and because of this, you tap your emergency reserves of energy. You exploit yourself(!) And as you do this not once a week but daily and several times per day you really harm yourself. Besides the permanent release of stress-hormones which is not healthy, you waste your precious life energies without restoring them in a positive way. This process includes also that your level of serotonin, the happy maker substance of your body, gets reduced which causes depression.

This is typical for high performance throwaway society – people are used, exploited, thrown away and then simply replaced by “fresh” workers.

But this is not good in anyway.

So the point is to become aware about it and to enjoy coffee maybe only from time to time. Further on it is most important to integrate at least short breaks to allow your exhausted body and mind to recover and to restore vital energy by healthy nourishment and sports.

Tea works in a similar way like coffee and some teas are full of fluorides and pesticides. So it is also not advisable to drink too much tea.

Fresh water is always the best, maybe as apple spritzer or with lemon, etc.

Cool water can also be charged with vital energy. And some natural, deep breaths with fresh air can help very well to wake you up when you feel tired.

Your health and wellbeing are most important in life. Don´t waste them for the job.