Special areas of the body and their use

There are a few key regions of the body which are predestined for healing, magical and energetic applications.

Let´s start with the feet. You can charge the feet with vital energy to vitalize indirectly in a smooth way the whole body. The vital energy flows upwards in the legs into the spine, etc. On this way, the root chakra is also activated which is the key center for vitalizing the whole body.

The earth element region (feet, legs, pelvis) can be charged with vital energy, earth element or the electromagnetic fluid to strengthen the whole body, also to ground the soul. It is connected with all positive aspects of the earth element like stability, strength, power, structure, being focused in the material world (grounding), etc. It helps you also to show a long-lasting endurance and performance.

The belly region, water element, can be seen as a resource or reservoir of energy, nourishing the vital processes of fire and air in the obdy. It is also connected to the instinct, the magnetic-watery ability to feel things.

The solar plexus is connected to the belt of emotions like the Taoists named it, to stomach, liver, kidneys, spline, pancreas, etc. Here all emotions are produced and communicated over the solar plexus chakra. This means also that emotions affect these organs in main. The solar plexus is the center of the inner child or so-called ego. It is the center of the body which has the most problems. With this, it is the center and region which needs normally the most healing treatments. So working with the solar plexus and the connected organs is in most cases a big part in giving healing treatments. You can vitalize the solar plexus and with this, indirectly all organs. You can also charge the organs. Vital energy, light, green energy, maybe also violet energy can help here. Yellow sun energy has empowering and healing effects on the solar plexus. The solar plexus is also connected to the Akasha point which allows a quick and powerful charging of the whole body or microcosm in general.

The chest with the air element is connected to ideas and feelings of freedom, inner peace, being brave, abundance, heaven, happiness, love and trust, etc. It is also the place where people feel problems about being not love, not trusted, broken relationships, heart pains, fears, etc. So love matters must be healed here and the joy of life can be awakened. We all need air to breathe, so air is vital and the air element is even more important than physical air. You can lift people up when you charge the air element region with air energy. It is also the region for the airy aspect of endurance and performance. Besides this, if you want to spread a specific energy in the whole body perfectly, then you simply need to charge the lungs. Vital energy will spread in the whole body with vitalizing, healing effects. Green energy can cause a smooth cleaning. Violet energy can clean, vitalize and disinfect from bad energies. Lungs and heart chakra should be charged always from the back for a healthy distribution of the energies.

The hands can be charged very well with vital energy to vitalize indirectly especially the upper body part/head. The left hand can be charged with the magnetic fluid and the right hand with the electric fluid. This will offer a special experience and has empowering effects. It can be also used for healing treatments for others and further magical operations.

The throat can be treated for communication (cleaning of blockades), also for strengthening.

The head belongs to the fire element. Charging the head with fire supports all mental activities and the will power. But the warnings of Bardon about head and heart need to be regarded. So only advanced students should work in this way.

These descriptions may help in your practical work.

Additionally, I want to give a few further hints for charging yourself or someone else.

The technique to set yourself into a space filled with the desired energy and then doing pore breathing is simple but nevertheless the main technique in general. Slightly modified you can put your client or object in this space or get together into it.

Of very high usability is the Akasha point technique where you focus only on the depth point of yourself, a client, an object or an organ or body region and then make it inhale/exhale the energies.

Then you can set yourself into such an Akasha point, imagining your microcosm or the object, etc. as big as the universe. This way of charging has Akasha effects depending on your desired aims. So you can charge quickly a person or object and you can pass all blockades with it and you can set causes on the Akasha plane of the person or object. This is certainly something for advanced students.

Another interesting technique is to differentiate the size of the object while you are in the Akasha point. The rule is: The bigger the size, the higher the plane of work. So, Akasha plane is the “size of the universe”, physical plane is just the seize of the body, astral plane is bigger and mental plane is even bigger. Just use your intention to focus on the fitting plane and get an impression of how big the object is expanded.

A good technique for working with yourself is also to imagine yourself or a body region or an organ in front of you and then letting it inhale and charge with the desired energy.

And maybe a last interesting technique is to imagine your body or your whole microcosm as super small in front of you to charge it.

You can also “interlock” two different realities with each other. This means for example that you imagine yourself being in a place of nature or in the holy atmosphere of a temple and then let it inhale the local energy although you are sitting in your room at home.

These are just some hints for your practice. By time you will find your favorite techniques to work in a powerful and efficient way.