The god in chains

The nature of the human being and its position in creation has always been a controversial topic in public. It is a fascinating discussion which is touching the abyss as well as heaven, dealing with light and darkness in their different facets.

Let us start with the original, – the oldest understanding of this topic. In ancient India, the composition of creation was clear and the knowledge about it was free accessible for everyone. It was no mystery at all. It was logical that we live in a multidimensional universe with several different planes of existence and a great diversity of beings on all planes. It was clear that besides the supreme God a lot of god and goddesses as expressions of the One are ruling over creation like the administration. It was also no mystery that the human being is originally a spiritual being, a son or daughter or the primary and great Spirit, living during its incarnation in denser bodies. And so it was also clear that the incarnated spirit, the human being needs to remember its divine heritage and origin, and to reawaken it. This process of reawakening the original and divine nature in humans was called Yoga. As everything was clear for everyone, no one had any problems and the divine origins of the human being were normal and accepted. Taking the path of Yoga was appreciated and respected. Persons who were successful and were able to realize the divine spirit in themselves were worshipped. These god-humans were a great blessing for the people as they served the community in many enlightened ways.

This original and natural situation in ancient India is comparable with the acknowledgement that the state of an onion is just temporary while the onion will naturally develop itself to a flower. Humans in their limitations are like onions. They are meant to grow and to flourish and not to stay onions forever.

The next step in history was to ignore and pervert most of the true and original understanding of humans, God and creation. God was reduced to a human-like figure, ruling over creation. The higher planes were reduced to the idea of heaven. The gods and goddesses were reduced to angels, messengers of God. And the human being was reduced to a limited being without any perspective on development. It is the reduction to the “onion state” without the permission to grow to become a flower. Further on, the natural connection between the human being and God was cut and a intermediary was set. The role of the intermediary was to tell humans what God´s will is while normal humans were declared for being unable to connect with God directly and also being not able to experience the Divine in themselves. These intermediaries – priests – decided also if a person is allowed to go to heaven or to dwell in hell. Hell didn´t exist so far as it was a useful invention to keep people under control.

Now, what is left when you are reduced to an unworthy receiver of commands by artificial intermediaries who put themselves into the position of representatives of God? Not much, indeed, as you are perceived and treated in the lowest possible way. This reduction of humans led to exploitation, slavery, misuse of power, keeping people ignorant, wars and further, countless problems.

As this attitude is not really “nice” there were certainly countermovements. These countermovements had to protect themselves as they taught the old path of unfolding the divine nature in the human being. In parts, these countermovements were combated and wiped out. In lucky cases these movements took over the official cover of the officially accepted religion and survived as mystical orders.

The main problem is certainly that those traditions who follow the natural-spiritual development have a focus on freedom, knowledge, wisdom and personal power which goes totally against the artificial rulers who focus on their system of slavery, control and exploitation.

The next step in history was the degeneration of the original countermovements in certain orders or secret societies. The understanding of God, mankind and creation was already on the lowest level and real initiates were missing. Due to these negative conditions and the rising of the ego, of materialism and atheism, the former spiritual development and initiation process degenerated to intellectual discussions and relativism. God was declared to be dead as he did not say “Hello” and the spirit was declared to be a manifestation of the world of matter. God dead, spirit dead and what was left was the ego which enthroned itself as the new god. And so initiation was degenerated and reduced to the understanding that there is no God but you and that there are no higher laws, no karma but only your will. So the only difference between the initiate and the uninitiate is that the first one perceive himself as a god while the second one is unaware of this.

How “healthy” such an idea is to set to equalize the ego with God, everyone can imagine for himself. In fact, we are suffering in main today from this massive overvaluation and in second place from the artificial suppression of the institutions of the “intermediaries”.

The “funny” thing is that the institutions of the self-proclaimed representatives of God are fighting both, the “ego-gods” and the original spiritual people.

In conclusion, we have now three types of gods: The original and natural god-human who simply followed his evolutionary plan. Then we have the self-proclaimed representatives of God which behave like gods although they pretend to be only humble servants of God. And we have those who think that spirituality is just an intellectual discussion with the insight that there is not God but the own ego.

For mankind in general and for all spiritual seekers these differences are of highest importance. Only when you understand them, you will be able to understand what is going on in the world.

Ego-worshipping, ignorance, suppressing of other people, – all these things might be nice or might make fun for certain characters, but they do not rescue you from reality, from karma and from walking the true spiritual path.

Life is designed in a way that we have to pay a high price for ignorance.