A spiritual call to action

Dear spiritual Sisters and Brothers,

we experience an exceptional situation worldwide. It is time for us to take action.

I know that there are thousand theories circulating in the social media about the nature of the pandemic and its background. One thing is sure, – after the pandemic we will have a deeper understanding about what has really happened. So, it is wise to leave this analysis for the future and to focus on the management of the present challenges.

Another thing is sure, – we are at the end of the old systems of politics and economy, and there is a big need for changes of the (religious) worldview and our self-conception. In short, – an old period ends and something new is ready to come.

It is quite simple: When policy does not serve the interests and needs of people, when the economy does not serve the people, when religion does not serve people and when people are reduced to “workers” and “consumers” without any higher sense in life, then something is really wrong and changes are absolutely necessary and unstoppable.

The old system has become a fat, ugly, oversize parasite which is crushing its own host, the people, its basis of life. And this means that the old, fat parasite must die and then the people will start to recover, enjoying freedom and vitality.

Now, we have to focus on surviving these times of change. We have to focus on the present challenges. This is much more important than discussing various theories about the virus, the pandemic and the hidden background. It is not the time for discussion and not for ego-entertainment. It is time to take action. This must be clear!

Before I start to explain, what we can and should do, I want to pay my respect to our ancient, spiritual origins, to the enlightened, wise men and women in India, the yogis. In ancient India, it was a saying that if there is only one person in a village who meditates regularly, the village will enjoy harmony, happiness and peace. On the other hand, without a spiritual person, the village can easily suffer from violence, crime, selfishness, etc.

Let us imagine this, – some thousand years ago in ancient India there is a yogi practicing daily his meditations in a village with maybe 50 people living there. His charisma is radiating and penetrating the whole village with all people. He is a true and permanent blessing for all, uplifting their energies, refining their souls, opening them for all the divine-good virtues of love, understanding, compassion, selfless deeds, the cultivation of all what is good, etc. This yogi is the light of the village, connecting it to the spiritual realms. He is the guarantee for harmony, peace, happiness and prosperity in the village.

Now, let us return to our times. Things have changed a lot from light and natural living conditions to darkness and artificial lifestyle. Most people suffer from stress, mental disorders and physical diseases. The connection to the divine source of life is reduced to an absolute minimum. People feel exhausted and depressed, lacking a higher sense in life. And today, we have no longer small villages but big mega cities. However, there are still good, spiritual souls everywhere.

With respect to the great spiritual masters of ancient India, we can pick up this wonderful idea of the old saying and apply it in a modern way for our situation today.

First of all, we need to check the goals. One big goal is to reduce all negative thoughts and emotions of fear, panic, insecurity, greed, etc. and with this bad, destructive, selfish behavior and suffering. The other big goal is to strengthen the air element, which means to help the people to feel good, to stay optimistic, to enjoy personal freedom and inner peace, to feel connected to the divine source of life, to feel guided and inspired for making the best decision, to increase love, compassion and understanding, also altruistic behavior and social cooperation, helping all those in need.

In conclusion, the bad things need to be reduced while all the good things need to be activated, strengthened and supported. When we achieve this, we all will survive well and we will be able to support all necessary, positive changes.

Then there are two further goals: All those in positions of power who are doing evil against the people should be called for divine justice while all those who are doing good for the people should receive divine blessings, inspiration and full support to be able to cause the necessary positive changes. This includes also that such persons get into positions of power. Now, the crucial point here is that we need to leave all these things up to the Divine Providence, to the divine Judges. Why? Because we humans are too limited in understanding to be able to distinguish the good people from the evil people. If we try to judge by ourselves, then we would create great chaos and we would easily support the evil hiding behind a friendly smile, and we would bring obstacles to the good who are blamed in public. We NEED to trust God and the Divine Justice.

In conclusion, we support all the good ones and we call for divine justice for all the evildoers.

Now, let´s talk about the problem that the small villages from ancient times have grown to big cities. While in the ancient times it was feasible to bless a small village, it is a challenge for us today to cope with a big city. But fortunately, we can apply smart techniques to manage this problem. So, the first thing is that we all are not alone. This means that there are other spiritual souls in your area or in your city and that it makes a lot of sense to connect with them independent from possible differences in your spiritual path, tradition or practice. Cooperation is super important in general. We must work together to realize positive changes. In conclusion, spread the news and call spiritual people to connect on social media, etc. to cooperate. The second measure is to activate the normal-good souls. There are lot of good people out there with a golden heart, understanding, compassion and the inner wish to help. This can be religious people but also those who do not think about religion, spirituality, etc. Now, imagine that all these people would be activated like you switch on lights, and that all these lights will make the darkness reduce and vanish, that they will inspire all those who have been not ready so far.

In conclusion, we can find like-minded souls on the social media and we can activate the good souls which exist in greater amounts.

For all those who feel connected with me (Ray del Sole), I suggest to use our group on Facebook for sharing news, questions and answers: SURA UNITED. Besides this, it makes sense to create local groups on Facebook to organize things for your area.

Regarding the area: In general, the smaller an area is, the more powerful your influence will be. As usual we have to find intuitively the fitting size of the area we want to support. Further on, the more “team player” you find for your area, the better for the results and the bigger the area can be. In general, follow your divine intuition. If you feel unsure, then pray for inspiration. You can also do tests which seize of your local area feels good for you. When you have found your area and defined it, then you should print it (google maps) and mark your area on the print. This is important because we use it in the meditation.

Something in general: The idea of diversity is a quality of creation. Diversity originates from the ONE, the one source of life. This means that in the end it is not important to which religion or spiritual tradition you belong or in which deities or names of God you believe. We all originate from the ONE. In the state of ONENESS there are only love and unity. Love rules! We are all united by the divine all-embracing love which dwells in the heart. And love comes along with wisdom, understanding and compassion.

In conclusion, the ideas of unity and all-embracing love are the basis for our work. And divine wisdom offers guidance in all questions.

Now, let´s talk about the meditation. If you have a team, then it is good to set a time, in best case a daily time and to do the meditation together. It is useful to meet on skype or any other video chat platform to connect consciously to each other by saying Hello and a short small talk. And then everyone can start the meditation at his home. After the meditation, you can meet again to discuss impressions or questions, etc. This conscious connecting via video chat strengthens your teamwork and offers better results.

The best time for such a meditation is indeed in the evening or late evening where people are relaxed, passive and open, maybe already sleeping. Certainly, this can be a challenge for you who offers the meditation. If this is too hard, you can take 12 o´clock, midday, where the sun is high. And if this is not working for you, then simply take the afternoon or early evening.

The general idea of the meditation is to follow the goals like I have explained above and to apply the following technique:

We have you, the spiritual practitioner. Then there is your team. We have the defined area you want to work on. We have the good souls living there which we want to activate. We have the evildoers in this area. And we simply assume that all are suffering in one or another way in this area. Further on, we have the ONE, God, the Highest, the source of life itself, the Great Spirit or however you want to call it. Then we have traditional deities, universal deities and so-called angels (which are indeed the deities due to their divine nature). Simplified put, the deities offer blessings, enlightenment, inspiration, guidance, empowerment, healing, cleaning, dissolving of negative energies and influences, vitalizing, protection, general support, fortune, success, peace, etc. Further on, in the higher realms, there are spiritual masters, enlightened beings, brothers and sisters in the Light, good human spirits and souls who are all happy to support us. At the end of this list, I want to point at the Judges of Karma and Fate in the sphere of Saturn. These deities are busy with justice and they care for all balancing processes. Now, it is important to understand that such balancing processes of karma and fate can take very long periods of time, over incarnations in some cases. This explains why evil people can do a lot of crime while we wonder when they get their karma “punishment”. All topics which are related to karma, justice, “punishment”, etc. are beyond the normal understanding of humans. Important to understand is that it is about balancing disharmonies and that it is not our job to decide anything but that we must leave it to the divine consciousness and the cosmic deities who are in charge of this field. We humans can take only human measures in the human world. But besides all these aspects, the one thing we can do is to complain about the evildoers and to ask the Judges for “faster action of the divine justice”. This can mean that the evildoers experience an awakening of their conscience, that they get nightmares, that they are haunted by very bad visions about their failures and the consequences which they have to bear. And maybe, the evildoers are stopped or limited in their destructive work. Again, the crucial point is to complain and to ask for divine justice and intervention by the Lords of Karma, the Judges of the Saturn sphere. Everything else if left completely to them. They know who is evil and who is good.

In conclusion, we have a lot of supporters for our work and we are only really powerful when we all work together. Practically, this means that we do not use our personal energy but that we call on the Highest, the deities, the masters, brothers and sisters to help, to supply the energies for enlightenment, inspiration, healing, etc. And we ask them not only to use us as energy channels but to activate directly all good souls in our area and to use them as well as channels to bring light, love and healing into the human world. So, in fact, we have to understand all of us as parts of a great, wonderful unity, all cooperating to serve mankind and its evolution.

It is a Network of Light and Love, following the Principles of Divine Wisdom.

In this meditation, you can get visions where you see how the source of life is working through the deities, through the masters, the brothers and sisters, connecting to all the active practitioners and to all the good soul and in the end to all people, to spread light and love, to give healing. In fact, we will flood the planet with Divine Light to make the darkness vanish. And for sure, you will feel the ecstasy, the great power which unfolds in this way through you, through all of us.

In the meditation itself, you should go through the different ideas, stepwise. In short:

1. Purification of people from all negative influences like fears, etc.

2. Raising the vibration which means the strengthening of all positive energies in mind and soul (good mood, healing, vitality, inspiration, etc.)

3. Complaining about those who do evil against the people and asking for divine justice.

4. Empowering and inspiring all those who do good deeds for the people (also that they get heard and get into positions of power)

And in general, we use the technique of Jesus. We connect in love and devotion with the spiritual realms, with the Highest and the deities and all supporters above and then we do a prayer of gratitude “Thank you, oh Lord, deity….,(etc.) for the purification of our area…. from all negative influences, fears, (etc.)!” and then the second step, the third and fourth step. Just follow your divine intuition in phrasing the prayer. These are prayers of gratitude with the faith that it is given for what we ask for. It is the mystical way of praying. Jesus was a Master of Mystics.

Such a meditation can take half an hour or 45 minutes or one hour. It depends on your possibilities.

In the overall conclusion: I think this meditation is comprehensible, so that everyone can do this easily. Trust in yourself and know that you are not alone at all but there are uncountable supporters in the higher realms. And know that your effort is highly appreciated and that you receive blessings and empowerment for your work. In these times, we all must stand together as one great human family. We must celebrate and live the spiritual values. We must prepare the world for the sunrise of the golden age.

At last some practical hints: When you think that this all makes sense, then share the message. Gather in groups. Build networks. And also translate these instructions in other languages.

Let us walk hand in hand! Let us spread the Light!

It is time.

And for all questions, please contact me or ask directly the Highest for guidance.

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole