Reoccurring traumas

In life we make a lot of experiences, good ones and bad ones, and some are so painful that they leave deep wounds and chronic suffering. Some of these painful experiences can cause major imbalances. They can make us drift off the natural course of life. For example, normally you are powerful, determined and you realize your goals but now you feel weak and you have to protect your wound. Your bleeding wound makes you feel exhausted. Everything has changed for you. You are no longer the same you were before the traumatic experience.

When the trauma has happened in this incarnation, you probably understand your situation. But in the case that your trauma is from a past life, then you probably wonder why you react in unusual ways in certain situations. It can take much effort to understand yourself, the roots of your emotions, your pains and your behavior.

A trauma in the highest meaning is so devastating that you are completely overwhelmed. This means that you cannot manage and process your experience. It is too much for you to take and to deal with. And this is the problem. It is an unprocessed big painful experience which is like a deep wound which does not heal, which is only bleeding, causing big pains, making you suffer.

Now, it is important to see and to understand that behind big problems in life such traumas can hide easily. So, you can have countless attempts to change your situation, but you fail because the hidden trauma is not healed. And this means, that you have to ask yourself if and where traumas are hiding. And then you need to heal them so that you are free for a happy and successful life.

When we observe traumas and how they reoccur like patterns then it is fascinating to see the original traumatic experience behind all the repetitions, especially when it is a trauma from a past life.

These things have a lot to do with great fears, with feeling powerless, doomed and they are connected with experiences of torture, of violent death, of great loss, of total devastation.  

I can only highly recommend to check yourself for possible traumas and to get professional help for healing, and all of this asap as you can easily waste decades or a whole life time with reoccurring traumas and all the problems they cause.