The nature of addictions

Imagine watching wild boars in the woods. You see them running, searching for food in the ground. You see them in their social activities with their piglets. And you notice how vital, fit and smart they are. They are in top condition. They have a shiny coat. They look beautiful, wild and happy. Everything is fine.

And now imagine that you are watching domestic pigs. Domestic pigs are civilized wild boars. Nothing else. The domestic pigs have lost their shiny coat, their fitness, their natural nourishment, the fun from roaming through the woods and their social interaction with their piglets, their freedom in general, their health, etc. All the natural-good things have been replaced by artificial life conditions, by artificial food, by cages, by diseases and antibiotics, by lots of suffering, etc. Domestic pigs often do not see the sunlight any more or get fresh air.

A domestic pig is used to all the artificial stuff, the artificial food, the life in a cage, in the dirt of the cage, in the stinking air. It seems that a different lifestyle would not work out. It is all part of the system. The domestic pig does not know the life of a wild boar. It doesn´t know how this feels like. It doesn´t know that there is fresh food on and in the ground which wild boars look for and eat daily.

And now, let´s think about human beings. Human beings are like domestic pigs, civilized wild boars. They have lost nearly everything which was original, natural, good, vital and healthy. Human beings have a “home cage” and a “job cage” and they do those things which allow them to keep working. Human beings are often far away from being fit, vital, in good health, happy, etc. They get their meds to maintain their function, their work.

Now, a big part of this artificial system are not only meds but all the stuff which we define as addictions. Eating too much, eating candy, drinking soft drinks with tons of sugar, eating fast food, smoking, consuming alcohol and drugs, replacing natural-good things with low-quality stuff like watching porn instead of having a girl-friend or being busy on Facebook and smartphones instead of real socializing and meeting friends. The list is long, sad and depressing.

The main problem is that we have totally forgotten what real life is. Like the domestic pig, we have no idea about the great life of a wild boar. And so, we think that we need all the artificial stuff, that it is fun, that it is good, but it is not good. This, we understand only when a disease has already manifested, making us suffer.

Now imagine that you have been eating all kinds of sweets like chocolate, chips, and so on for many years, probably since you were a child, also drinking Cola, eating fast food, etc. During all these years, you have believed that it is normal, good, fine, etc. that you need the stuff (and this all independent from your digestion problems, your fatigue, etc.)

And now you stop eating all the artificial stuff. In the first days it feels strange and you would like to eat some chocolate or drink a Cola but you are strong. After 1-2 weeks you got used to eat in a natural way without the artificial stuff. And in fact, you appreciate now the taste of fresh, vital food, of salad, of fruits and of self-made meals. Something has changed in you. You feel much better. Your digestion is better. Your performance is better. You feel vital and good. And you understand that this natural state is the best state, that you do not need any of these artificial things for raising your quality of life, but quite the contrary, they were reducing your quality. All these addictions were not improving anything. They were just illusions, drawing you away from your natural vitality and happiness.

This is also true for all other smaller or bigger addictions. It is also scientifically examined and proven.

Imagine that you smoke cigarettes. Probably you have started smoking for social reasons, because it is easy to socialize with other smokers and also for justifying a break. Now you use cigarettes to get into gear in the morning, to get on the toilet, to reduce stress and to push your performance. The funny point here is that without being a smoker, you wouldn´t need any cigarettes for these things.

The habit of smoking makes it necessary to smoke to function well.

And imagine to stop smoking. Your sense of smell comes back. You can smell again all kinds of fragrances. You can enjoy fresh vital air. You are not stinking any longer. You have more air in your lungs for a better performance. You feel more relaxed naturally. And you save a lot of money.

How many people watch porn movies today? And why? Probably not because they are pieces of art or wonderful or inspiring. They are simply the lowest quality replacement for enjoying a loving relationship including sex. Today, it might seem that a relationship takes too much effort, that there is too much work, not enough time, etc. available. But these thoughts originate from the domestic pig state. These are the illusions of living in a cage, in factory farming. In fact, it is natural to live in a loving relationship, to enjoy physical closeness, real touch, true love and all the fun which lovers can have together.

In conclusion, we simply have to go back to our natural state. Only there, we can enjoy true happiness. Only there, all our needs are satisfied. The artificial world is a very bad replacement, illusionary to delusionary and enslaving. The artificial world makes the wild boar become a domestic pig, a shadow of itself, suffering.

Now, the theory is good and nice, and you have made a big step when you understand what I have tried to explain. The practical realization is certainly much more important. Stepwise you can remove all the artificial stuff from your lifestyle, replacing it with natural things. For example, you should stop drinking all these artificial soft drinks. You can easily replace them with fresh water or if you like with apple spritzer, etc. Instead of smoking, better breathe consciously fresh air. And so on. Try to change your artificial lifestyle in feasible steps to a more natural lifestyle. You will feel better every day. Meet real people in life and don´t waste so much time on Facebook or with staring at your smartphone. Enjoy life!

In the end, addictions are products of the artificial lifestyle and gears in the system, keeping it work. We don´t need them and they have no real power over us. We need to remember that we are powerful and that we can change things to the better. We just need to leave the victim mode.