The Success Mindset

Just as a reminder: It is very important to create and to install the success mindset right from the start of your training. The idea of being successful is crucial. “I am successful!” and the second focus lies in progress. We are here for progress, not for standing still. Life means change and progress.

In conclusion, it is highly recommendable to record a “Success autohypnosis” which includes also the idea of progress, and then to set this into your mind by repetition. In a second step, you should record an autohypnosis with the idea of dissolving all your blockades plus healing. This will be the best preparation to start your training.

You should use fitting brainwave audios for your records to achieve the best effects in shortest time.

With the success mindset, you will be able to manage all your challenges in life and in the training. And with the cleaning and healing record you will break all chains which have kept you so far from happiness and success.