The Path of Mercury

The Mercury sphere and the deities of Mercury are special. We can say that they represent the mind of God. It is the divine intellect, the genius, the mind which can solve any problems, finding answers for all questions. Smart of clever behavior belongs to Mercury. Communication, the brilliant mind, smart business. It is all a matter of Mercury. High flexibility in thinking belongs to Mercury too.

Now, practically speaking, imagine that you are on a road, driving, and suddenly you come to a barrier with a Stop sign. You have to stop. And now? Going back? This would be lawful and expected. But let´s imagine that Mercury inspires you and so you simply leave the street and drive a short distance around the construction site until you get on the road again to reach your destination.

This was a simple example showing the crucial point. We humans in the material world, we follow certain laws of behavior or laws of this world. These laws are meant to give a structure and to organize everything but on the other hand they are limiting in a dull way. Mercury calls on your self-responsibility, on your own spirit and asks for self-empowerment. Mercury says that it is “nice” to have all these laws and earthy structures of behavior but that they often do not lead to your goals, your success. So, you should be smart and look in flexible ways for fitting solutions beyond all limitations. Humans limit themselves by their way of thinking. Go beyond!

Another example: Let´s imagine, you are seriously ill. Now, normally you are supposed to go the official, the lawful way of medical care. But you are smart and so you check the chances to survive and to heal if you take this way. And as you see, the chances are low plus destructive side effects, massive pains, etc. So, you decide to take the path of Mercury and you check for alternative ways of healing treatments. And so, you understand the real roots of your illness together the best way to heal yourself. You undergo the alternative healing treatment and against the official belief, you get healed fast and complete without any problems.

Or let´s imagine you are a knight, standing in front of a castle which you want to conquer, and the gate is closed. Officially, you cannot conquer it but with the help of Mercury you check “thousand” options how to get in and you find at least one, so that you are successful in the end.

In conclusion, we are conditioned in the “lawful” way with thousand obstacles, thousand limitations, thousand “this is not possible”, thousand “no one ever did this”, thousand risks, thousand reasons for safety focus, etc. Just understand that this attitude or conditioning does not lead you to your destination, to real success. It is something to keep people powerless, in a useful state of control. Go for self-empowerment! Be smart! Honor the sphere of Mercury with its deities! Go beyond all limitations, all obstacles and all mental blockades! Become super flexible in thinking!

It is air against earth. And air always wins.