Resilience and Detachment

Normally the human being is in a mode of attachment, emotional reaction with a low level of resilience against all kinds of negative, external influences. This means a low level of self-determination, clarity and personal power.

Let´s take examples. It is raining outside, and you react emotionally with depressions. “The day is bad, nothing good will happen, I feel sad, depressed, motiveless. I will spend the rest of the day with lying in bed in a melancholic mode, waiting for the next day, hoping for sunshine.”

Another example. You sit in a restaurant and you order coke zero without ice. You are here with your friends, looking for a great time together. The waitress comes with a normal coke and ice. You react with anger, shouting at the waitress, blaming her for her incompetence. You are in rage. “Why is it so hard to get a f… coke zero without ice? Why is the whole world against me?” Your mood is broken. You cannot enjoy the time with your friends anymore.

Another one: Independent from the season, you complain always about the weather. During wintertime it is too cold. During springtime it is too rainy. During summertime it is too hot. And during fall it is too windy. Your meals are always too cold or too hot. And there are thousands of things in life which make it unbearable for you.

Now, let´s imagine someone saying “I don´t care about the weather, I can deal with it, independent if it is hot or cold, windy or rainy. It doesn´t affect my mood.”

And imagine that you get a glass of apple juice instead of your coke zero and you say nothing because it does not matter and because the waitress is in stress. You enjoy your meeting with your friends.

In conclusion, the combination of resilience with detachment means freedom and peace of mind. Things become easier to manage. Your inner peace cannot be disturbed by unimportant things and you can keep your clarity of mind and your good mood.

Both are achievements from spiritual training. The refinement, the empowerment and balancing of the soul as well as the strengthening of the spirit are the keys for resilience and detachment.