The script for the meditation (call to action)

Preliminary note:

In the following, you find the “guided meditation”, respectively a script for orientation. It helps to regard all important aspects and to get into the right spiritual attitude. Certainly, you can feel free to change terms or to fit it to your individual needs. Important is that all those who participate should have read and understood the article “a spiritual call to action”. During the meditation it is important to deepen all the different aspects, to feel the connection with the divine realms, with the people, with your fellows, etc. You need to realize the contents. The meditation can take half an hour or longer. Feel free to do it as long as you want. And certainly, feel free to share it and to translate it into your native language. May this meditation become a blessing for all people!

“Please get into your asana, into your meditation posture.

Keep your head and spine straight and vertical.

Close your eyes and let your attention follow your breathing.

Inhale and exhale in a natural, deep and regular way with your chest and your belly.

You can easily relax your mind, soul and body, and you open yourself for the flow of all energies in the cosmic polarity of sky and earth. Your roots are in the ground and your crown is in the sky.

You are a beloved child of God, a being of the Light and you follow the principle of the all-embracing divine love which unites mankind and creation beyond diversity and all what seems to separate us.

You know that we are all sisters and brothers. We are one great family. And we are here to help each other, to grow together and to celebrate the joy of life.

You are a conscious servant of the divine unity, of the divine love and wisdom.

You are here with all of us to serve the evolution of mankind, to serve the healing and the enlightenment of the human family.

And this is wonderful. This is the greatest thing we all can do together.

So, let us pray and meditate together as brothers and sisters for the purification, the healing and empowerment of our people, our fellow humans and our world.

In love and devotion, we call on the Highest, our Divine Father and we call on our Divine Mother who brings creation into existence.

In the name of love and unity, we call on the deities to support us.

And we call on our beloved spiritual masters, the teachers of mankind, and on our Brothers and Sisters in the Eternal Light.

We are one!

We are one family!

We are the Servants of the Eternal Light, of the Divine-Good, of Divine Love and Compassion!

Together, we are powerful!

Together, we bring the Light into the darkness of this world.

Together, we bring the love, the compassion and the wisdom into the hearts of our fellow humans.

Together, we make the darkness vanish!

United, we stand!

In the name of divine love and compassion, we call on the spiritual realms, the deities, the Father and the Mother and all our brothers and sisters to bring a deep purification, healing and enlightenment to our people!

May all good souls get activated to become channels of divine light and love, to spread the light on earth, to awaken understanding, compassion and truth in the souls of people!

May all receive a deep clearing and purification of their souls to release their darkness and to become liberated in the Light!

May all wounds get healed and may the joy of life return!

May all people receive divine guidance and inspiration to make the best choices!

May all people remember and celebrate the true values of human brotherhood, of love, compassion and understanding!

May all evildoers who go against the people, receive divine punishment by the Lords of Karma, the Judges of Saturn!

And may all those who work for the higher good of people receive divine empowerment, guidance and protection!

In love, we are all united.

In the name of Divine Love, the Light is coming from the highest realms to flow through all of us, to flood the world, to make all darkness vanish!

Imagine all of us as beings of the Light, as brothers and sisters, as one amazing family, sharing the Divine Spirit, sharing love and happiness, feeling the inner peace and celebrating the joy of life.

Imagine these great amounts of light flooding our city, our people, all the good souls, awakening them, purifying, healing and uplifting everyone.

We are all filled and saturated by the Light, by Love, by inner joy, by life itself!

The Light is surrounding all of us.

The Light is flowing through us.

The Light is nourishing us.

The Light is healing and refining us.

The Light is empowering and vitalizing us.

The Light is guiding and protecting us.

We are the Light!

We are the Brothers and Sister of the Eternal Light!

Oh, Divine Father, oh Divine Mother, oh you wonderful deities, oh you great human souls and spirits, –  we are so grateful and happy for all the blessings we receive, for all the great things which are happening for the benefit of the people, for the evolution of the human family.

In love, devotion and gratitude we are all united, happy to serve the greater-divine good!

May we all heal, awake and grow in the Divine Spirit, in the Light, in Wisdom and the all-embracing Love!

So be it!

So be it!

So be it!”