A special meeting of God with religious leaders

I was in the middle of my meditation when I felt the presence of someone close to me. He touched my shoulder and said: “Ray, it is time. We have to go to a special meeting. I want that you witness it and write about what you will experience.”

I felt a stream of energy making me step out of my body. My guide took me straight away on the astral plane. The travel was short and suddenly we were in a landscape on a kind of plateau. It was night. There were stars in the sky. It was comfortably warm. I felt like being somewhere in the south in a natural area but I couldn´t see much as it was dark.

Then I became aware that in the center of the plateau was a temple with light. My guide and I walked towards this temple and I asked him about this event but he only said that I will understand everything soon.

While we were walking through the night, I became aware that we were not the only ones arriving. Indeed from all directions souls were coming, all with their spiritual guides at their side.

The closer we came to the temple, the more details I could see. These all were special souls, regarding their cloths and dressing. These were religious leaders and masters of spiritual traditions. “So it must be a really important event.” I thought by myself. My spiritual guide has read my mind and nodded with his head. Something special was going to happen.

Then we have reached the temple with its great pillars, reminding me of the ancient Greek temples. The temple was really big, somehow oversized for a normal human being. A bright light was flooding the inner space of the temple and many souls have taken place already. Inside the temple, there was just a vast space without further rooms or walls but with a big altar in the middle.

The atmosphere in the temple was so pure and uplifting. It made me shiver as I felt the presence of God in this light.

The souls were sitting on steps around the altar, so that everyone was looking at the golden bowl and the dancing flames on the top of it.

My spiritual guide and I took a sit on the steps as well. The whole temple was made of white, pure marble. It was so awesome to see this beauty in stone, this noble hall with the fire in its center and all these religious, spiritual souls in their traditional clothing and their signs of power.

Meanwhile everyone has found a place to sit and I was wondering about the diversity of people gathering here. I saw souls from all different cultures and regions of the earth. It was so fascinating, so unique and simply amazing.

When I was looking around, I got the impression that not everyone was happy to be here, that in contrary some obviously were anxious while others were already in a state of ecstasy and great joy. Some souls completely felt being in the wrong place as they had no connection to temples. Others started already praising the Divine Spirit. A few wondered that they were invited together with leaders of hostile minded religions.

All in all it was a strange situation, a strange sight.

An old man stood up. He looked very wise, radiating great power. He was dressed like a priest of the ancient times in a white robe.

He raised his voice and said: “Dear souls from the various religions and spiritual traditions, I welcome all of you with love and respect! You may wonder about the reason for this extraordinary event. I have to announce that the time has come for the sunrise of a new spiritual age which means major changes in all aspects of life for mankind and especially for the religions and spiritual traditions. The age of darkness, the spiritual night on earth lasted already long enough with all its destruction and dullness. The dark forces have sabotaged and undermined everything which was originally good, right and noble. Mankind has been enslaved and kept in a dull, sleeping mode. This will all change soon as the dark forces will lose their power and the light will be reborn again. Now the time has come to prepare the dawn of light, the spiritual sunrise. For this purpose, many loyal masters have been sent to earth, to incarnate and to implement the necessary changes. Also countless mature souls have incarnated to receive higher spiritual teachings for great personal development to become Adepts, Masters of the Light. But still the big masses of souls are sleeping, are kept dull and limited by all the toxins, the artificial, unhealthy way of life, the enslavement of the lords of the material world.“

The high priest made a pause and then went on in his speech: “And now we come to you, leaders of the various religions and spiritual traditions. You bear a great responsibility as you guide the immature souls as well as you initiate the mature souls into the holy mysteries. You haven´t remained untouched by the darkness. Quite the contrary, you were blinded by the darkness, by material powers, by the selfishness of the ego. Your teachings lack of the original divine purity, of light, love and wisdom. There are only a few of you, who have kept the spiritual fire burning throughout the centuries. And some of you have stayed in the regions of nature, instead of reaching higher to the mysteries of heaven. The Divine Spirit will speak to you now!”

Meanwhile several representatives of big religions became pale as their conscience got activated. Others, especially those leaders of spiritual traditions saw their attitude confirmed by the words of the high priest. And some simply lacked of understanding. They were flabbergasted, shocked to hear that something in their teachings could be wrong.

The high priest raised his arms, facing the fire on the altar, calling out loud: “Highest of the Highest, Supreme Majesty, Light of all Lights, please reveal thyself!”

While the priest was praying, the fire in the golden bowl was growing. But there was no heat, only this great fire with the dancing flames. It was the symbol of the cosmic fire, the almightiness of the Highest. An all-penetrating voice came out of the fire like thunder: “I am the One, the primordial Spirit, the Father of all beings. I am the Absolute which embraces all that which is relative. I am the One who gives life to the diversity of creation. I am the Eternal Light, the Cosmic Consciousness, the All-Knowing, the All-Loving, the Almighty, the Eternal Life itself. You call yourself representatives of me. You proclaim to worship me and to follow my laws. But most of you don´t know me. Most of you don´t know my laws. So how can you follow me? How can you serve me well? How can you be my temple?”

Facing these words, many souls became pale and a murmuring could be heard.

The Almighty continued: “Instead of following the living Spirit, you preferred to follow yourself, your own ideas about my nature and especially your selfish desires. Instead of orientating yourself on me as the Absolute and on my eternal laws, you have made your own, human laws reflecting your human limitations, your imperfection and your hunger for power. Instead of teaching that which is good, right and lawful, you wrote “holy books”, copying from one another without differentiation between good and bad. Your personal weaknesses, your selfishness and your lower, material desires caused endless suffering and injustice for your followers. And if this was not already too much enough, you spread hate and started wars in my name.”

The voice of the Almighty activated the conscience of the souls in the temple to such a degree that those who were pure and good experienced a deep ecstasy while those with bad conscience painfully become aware of all their mistakes. In fact, it was a kind of clearing process in a higher state of awareness and enlightenment.

The voice in the fire continued: “The Lords of Karma and Fate will judge in my Name and everyone will get what he deserves. It is up to you, if you want to go on like this or if you will serve my plans for the preparation of the spiritual age to come. I call all true Servants of the Eternal Light to use your position as leaders in the various religions and traditions to differentiate light from darkness, to dissolve the darkness in your religious teachings and to balance them by the orientation on my laws. Every human being has the right to be taught about my nature, about the laws of creation and the true spiritual development. Freedom is the holy right of all beings. Free yourself from hate and reach out your hand in brotherly love to all members of the human family! Cooperate and follow the principles of the Divine Wisdom! Then the earth will turn into a paradise again and all my children can live in peace and happiness together, becoming aware of their original spiritual nature. All my children are meant to grow and flourish in their Divine Being. So be it!”

The audience was listening with awe. For most of the religious leaders the whole worldview changed in a single moment. All what they have believed in for years and decades, suddenly appeared in a completely new light and so much would have to be corrected and changed. It seemed that this was the biggest project which anyone has ever had to face in the history of religion.

But the Almighty already continued in his speech: “All you are the leaders of religions and spiritual traditions on earth. Be aware that my mysteries are not limited to your teachings and holy books or by the mysteries of nature. Only those with a pure and loving heart, with devotion and highest ideals will be initiated into all my mysteries, into my highest nature. With this, I call you to undergo the lawful spiritual training to become a perfect temple of my Spirit. You are all meant to flourish in my light, to accomplish the holy aims of the evolution of the human soul. I love you all my children, unconditionally and I know all your thoughts and feelings. I do not judge you. You only judge yourself. So dedicate yourself to my absolute virtues of all-embracing love and compassion, of divine wisdom and knowledge, of divine justice, almightiness and the eternal life. Then my light will guide and inspire you in all your tasks, in all your journeys!”

These were the last words of the Almighty speaking through the Cosmic Fire. All those present were deeply touched and humbleness unfolded in their souls. The words of love in wisdom had a great transforming effect on all.

The high priest stood up again, raising his arms: “Oh Highest of the Highest, Eternal Light, Almighty Spirit, Father, with deep humbleness, we receive your message and we are honored to follow your words!” With speaking these words, the high priest bowed in front of the holy fire and a stream of blessings came down on the audience so that everyone was shivering, falling in ecstasy and awe.

Now the high priest turned directly to the souls in the audience: “Dear brethren, it is now time to leave and to realize the will of our Father! May the Almighty guide you and bless you for the successful work on earth!”

All souls consciously opened themselves to the blessings of the old priest and then left with their spiritual guides the temple.

I was deeply touched too and indeed I was grateful that the Almighty gave the religious leaders a clear message. All this suffering caused by the lower human nature needs to come to an end and mankind must grow together as the family which it truly is. So I was glad and my spiritual guide smiled at me. The divine love in our hearts was shining bright and we both felt the beauty of unity.

When I was back in my room, it seemed that no time has passed, maybe only a few seconds.

I am waiting now for the new spiritual age, for its sunrise and with humbleness, love and wisdom I work for it.

May the Sura Academy be a guiding light in this world!