Jesus and the pagans

Before I start to talk about this topic, I want to express my respect to both parties, those who follow Jesus and those who call themselves pagans. I just want to explain the differences between both which are probably not really understood so far and in general.

We can say that Jesus was somehow against the followers of paganism. This deep ditch between both became even deeper during the development of the Catholic Church. The question remains where the problem is originally rooted.

On a superficial first look many scientists or researchers simply say that Jesus believed in the one God, – monotheism, while the pagans had many gods and goddesses, – polytheism. But this is not the “real problem”.

The problem can be only understood when you know about the spiritual hierarchy respectively the different levels of the Divine expressing itself. On the highest level, we have the Divine Spirit in its purest and perfect nature, expressing itself in its absolute virtues of almightiness, all-embracing love, divine wisdom, absolute knowledge, eternal life and cosmic consciousness, etc. This Divine Spirit can be experienced by humans only by special spiritual training. It is not a part of nature and not a part of the human world. The Divine Spirit is beyond what we call creation. This highest expression of God is called by Jesus “the Father”. It is the Divine Spirit in perfection.

As I have said, this Divine Spirit cannot be found in nature and so it is not directly available or known to those who work in a spiritual way in and with nature and the beings and gods of nature. Indeed we can say that the spirituality on the level of nature and their spirits is polar to the highest Divine Spirit. It is the basis of the pyramid with its quality of diversity and also duality, while the Divine Spirit is the top of the pyramid with its quality of unity and being absolute. Between these two poles, we find a whole hierarchy of different beings or spirits with specific functions similar to the hierarchy of administration in a very big organization.

To say it in a nice way – Jesus meant that we human beings should not get stuck on the level of nature and its spirituality but to go beyond it to discover the mysteries of the Father, the Divine Spirit. Only in the Divine Father, we can unfold our total potential as spiritual beings. So this is the main point.

A second point is the dualism of nature which can only be overcome by experiencing unity in the Divine Spirit. This is something different then the unity experience with nature.

From a holistic point of view, it makes no sense to fight within polarity. It is much better to understand and then to integrate and to grow in steps. In our spiritual potential, we are not limited to nature but nature is an important aspect of our being. A pyramid without a basis does not work. Neither can we ignore our animal nature, nor the human nature, focusing only on the divine nature. In contrary we have to understand and integrate in a wise way all aspects of our human nature. And this is a matter of our spiritual development where once the lower nature is dominating, then the human nature and later the divine nature. It is all just the evolution of mind and soul.

I hope you can understand me well. There is no judgement in my words.