Revolution or reengineering?

When we take a look at our world, then we can see an overwhelming diversity of problems. Everything is in a chaotic process of transformation, of renewal and restructuring. What was once good and right, is now proclaimed as bad and obsolete. And what was in former times bad and impossible, is now legitimated and worshipped. The world is turned upside down. Everything is questioned, nothing is safe. People are suffering. Nothing is anymore reliable. We experience a time of radical changes.

Now everyone knows that there is a need for changes as the old systems of human society do not work anymore. There are people who think that we have to go on with the established system and simply need to adjust some points or to add components to it like new laws, etc. In result the old system would grow and get more complex. Growing an old system is in general not a good solution. We know this from many fields of work. Imagine you have a car which is 60 years old and you are busy every day with fixing its problems and when you integrate new parts, it is just too much for the old car.

Then there are people who believe in a kind of revolution where against the old system a fight is needed. When we look at history, then we see all these bloody revolutions which took so many lives, causing endless suffering and in the end nothing really has changed. Quite the contrary, after such revolutions, people suffered more than before under the new rulers and their ideologies.

Then there are people who try to realize changes from within the old system, using its tools and following its rules. It is a nice try but as long as you are in a not working system which has no future, you will stay a part of it, including all its dependencies, problems and obstacles. It is similar if you think as a hamster that you can escape the hamster wheel just by using sports shoes instead of running barefooted. You are imprisoned by the system.

From my point of view, there is only one way – a real reengineering from the scratch. Only then you are free to create something new without repeating the mistakes of the old system.

For a successful reengineering, we have specific requirements. The normal approach would be to say, okay, we just take the best scientists and philosophers, bring them together and let them do the job. But this does not work.

It does not work for two reasons. One reason is that they are conditioned by the old system and that they are limited to their niche knowledge. Scientists lack in general of a holistic understanding of the world and their specific knowledge. We also have all these “great” scientists and philosophers in the old system producing all the problems and maintaining them. The second reason goes even deeper. From a spiritual point of view, we live in a big kindergarten which is crowded by immature souls. Immature souls are entrapped by the ego and its limitations. They live in a dreamy state, lacking of clarity, of understanding, of all kinds of important characteristics which simply are required to fulfil tasks which go beyond the ego. This is also true for those with power, for leaders in society, for managers, for doctors, professors, “great” scientists and “great” philosophers. Intellect and intelligence are no measure for maturity of the soul.

So indeed, you cannot expect to go into a kindergarten and ask the playing children to work out a perfect system regarding society, economics, politics, spirituality, etc. Remember also that all these bad or imperfect systems where people suffer, have been produced by such immature souls, leading scientists and thought leaders.

In fact, it takes a mature soul, an enlightened, refined soul which has a comprehensive understanding of God, human and creation. Such a soul knows the laws of creation and can apply them with wisdom. And here we come to a very important point – a system should not be developed on the basis of ego, of single interests, of ideologies, of dogmas, etc. Quite the contrary, it has to be orientated completely on the absolute laws of creation. Only in this way perfect balance is realized.

Regarding the practical procedure, the enlightened, wise soul would build a team of experts to develop first a hierarchy of aims according to the laws of the cosmos. Then the experts could work out the system in orientation on the aims under the guidance of the enlightened soul.

The result would be a simple, logical system which everyone can understand well because of its clarity and which also everyone can accept easily as it is fair and right. The maintenance of the system would be also quite simple as it would be only a matching if the set aims are accomplished or not. If they are not accomplished, then a regulating intervention would have to be realized.

As soon as such a new system is developed, it can be implemented by growing numbers of people who are “initiated” in it. One day in this process, the majority of people will be accomplished and then the old system can be replaced by the new one in general.

It is like sowing new seeds on an old field with ill and old plants. One day the new plants will have grown so strongly that they will have replaced the old and ill plants completely.

In fact, these things are easier and simpler than one might think. It all starts with a shift in the consciousness of people.