A new religion is born

Sometimes it can be useful to act a little bit “evil” with the hope to awaken some sleepers. Satire is a very good tool for this. I hope you forgive me for the following satire. And I hope that this makes some people think about religion, questioning religion for personal, spiritual growth but also the conditions of our time. I know that every religion has its sense but for everyone the day comes where he is asked to question his beliefs, his tradition and behavior, where he is asked to grow beyond his (religious) limitations. Religion prepares one for true spirituality. Religion is a beginning but not the end. What I say in the following is based on only good intentions. So I hope you will smile about it and you will understand the deeper sense.


“Dear readers,

I have to tell you that I was visited tonight by a divine being who told me that I am the chosen one to start a new religion, the only true and lawful religion worldwide and that I have the empowerment to speak in the name of God and to proselytize all people to save them from hell. So in fact I am the awaited messiah. I know that you and mankind in general have been waiting for me so long already but fortunately the waiting has now a happy end.

The divine being with beautiful wings and a lot of light and beautiful heavenly music came to me after finishing a whole month of fasting and taking drugs to expand my consciousness. Indeed I had so many wonderful psychedelic experiences that it was mind blowing. I also had to fight with the devil and his monsters. He offered me total power over the world, luxury, countless beautiful girls, etc. but with the divine power in myself I was able to send him back to hell. This fight was very exhausting but fortunately this divine being appeared, gave healing to me and told me everything about my new mission. The angel told me “Oh Ray, you are so glorious! You have withstood the devil! God himself has chosen you to spread his words and his only true religion to save all souls from hell.” And I responded “Oh, I am so unworthy! How can God choose someone like me for such a mission? I am so simple in my mind. I have no bright education. I am just a simple searcher of truth. I am so humble.” “Ah, don´t bother me with your underestimation or do you want to call on the divine rage and punishment?” “Oh no! I am so unworthy but I will follow the divine will! I will proclaim the new religion and speak in the name of God!” “That´s fine! Now listen to my teachings!”

And then the messenger of God told me a lot and I had to write down all his teachings to publish it as a new big holy book (which you can buy for 70 Dollars). It contains important new laws of God like it is forbidden to have sex with another man when you are married and that you have to listen to your husband to fulfill his wishes in a most pleasant way, etc.

God tells me that I shall tell you, that he loves you all and blesses you with abundance and happiness – certainly only when you follow the new one and only religion and when you keep the new laws. If you are an unbeliever then God is so kind to let you convert to the only real belief. If you refuse you are certainly possessed by the devil and the devil has to be beaten out of you until you are willing to convert to the only real belief. And if you break the holy laws then you need a lot of punishment but you can also do generous donations to me to delete your debts. And if you are a woman then you should know that God created you only as an inferior servant of your husband. God saw that men were not able to wash their cloths and to cook their meals and so God had mercy and created a good and nice looking servant, the woman to ease the life of men and to care about their pleasures. So indeed a good woman knows how to satisfy her husband and sons if she does not want to offend God, the creator. Otherwise she needs punishment and goes to hell.

God told me also that everyone should wear blinkers, so that everyone keeps focused on the right path without distraction. Women should hide themselves under wide grey cloths in public but should wear appealing lingerie at home to serve their husbands and to produce as many new believers as possible. Men who are not satisfied with their women can outcast their wives.  Such wives go to hell directly. Men should marry young fertile girls and girls should be happy with the man they can get.

God loves when his followers work very hard and when they spend a very good degree of their income for me and the new religion. Only those who work really hard and neglect the good sides of life have a chance to enter heaven where they are treated like kings with countless wonderful women ready to serve them – total satisfaction is guaranteed. Even if you made mistakes you can get a place in heaven when you donate enough – then God sees your good will and can forgive you your sins.

Now, dear fellows, it is time to spread the words of God in the world to save everyone from the devil and from hell. You know that I am the voice of God and what I say is the same as if God would say it but as God is very busy I am now his messenger. So it is very important to listen to me carefully and to follow my will. Otherwise you are possessed by the devil and you need to be liberated by punishment and pain. All my words are certainly always true and God didn´t give you a brain to question me or to build your own opinion. You have got an own brain only because you need some intelligence to work in an efficient way. God loves good workers. And certainly you shouldn´t study other teachings or other religions and science is also an invention of the devil. God does not want you to think on your own or to question our holy teachings. God can become really angry if you do not follow and then you receive punishment and damnation, – a place in hell. By the way, hell is really bad, your worst nightmare – all devils are women and they force you to do all the homework on your own – more suffering isn´t imaginable. And the women in hell have to serve not only one husband but more than ten at once. So it is not a good idea to go to hell. You may ask if women can get a place in heaven too. Only as servants for men but in rare cases if they worked really hard they can become the manager of the other women in heaven.

I am certainly the first and the last messenger of God. So what I say now is binding for eternity and the same is true for our holy big book. Its truth is everlasting and indeed you only need this one book. All other books are from the devil and lead you directly to hell. And as this book is enough, you do not need to go to school. Just learn this book and if you do not understand something then ask me or my priests. And don´t forget to pay my priests well as it is not easy to explain the words of God to normal people. Only I and my caste of priests know what is right, good and lawful. You cannot know this.

And have I told you already about all the wonders which I have performed lately? I was hovering over the lake, talking with animals, healing the dull and the blind ones, seeing the future, getting always the latest news of the angels about creation and God´s plans, etc. This all shows how great and chosen I am. So you see how good it is to follow me and certainly you can believe every single word I say as God chose me as his personal messenger. We just have to defeat and convert the unbelievers – these poor souls, possessed by countless devils and all waiting for hell. So terrible! I am full of compassion for them. And if we cannot heal them from their misbelief my sword will cure them.

I guess you can imagine that everything I do and also my priests do is always right as we are chosen. But this does not mean that you can or should do the same. You are not able to differentiate between right and wrong by yourself – you need to ask us or the holy book.

You might ask how to deal with the godless unbelievers. As they are godless they have no value and no rights, so you can treat them as you like. Try to make the most profit with them. Cheating is okay and good. Misuse of them and exploitation is good and right. They are lower than waste. God told me that we should rule over them and the whole creation. And don´t get the idea to marry an unbeliever. She must convert before otherwise you both go to hell.

Always remember to behave well as God told me to use a diversity of really bad punishment techniques. You may find them inhuman but it is what you deserve. Torture is divine when it fulfills divine purposes. “The harder the punishment the better the sheep” as God says.

So much for now as I have to leave for an appointment with some special angels in heaven. I think you have got the message.

Never question me! I am the only messenger of God! You are nothing, in best case a good servant (for me). I am the only source of truth and knowledge! I am the only one forever! Only I am able to understand the will of God! All unbelievers are the waste of creation and meant for hell! And so on, you know what I mean…. 😉

No go back to your job and work hard so you can donate more for your messiah and his special needs.

Next time I will present you some special rituals, rules for behavior and divine service, we also have to distance ourselves more from the unbelievers by special cloths, hairstyle, maybe also special marks on the skin, etc.

So wait for the new words of God, spoken by his devotional, humble servants and most adorable messenger!”


So this was great nonsense and I hope you had some fun reading it. Although it is fun it has a serious background. History knows so many “chosen messengers of God” who speaks “the only truth” and so on. Every follower has to question his belief, his tradition, his values for his benefit. Everyone has to differentiate between light and darkness in his belief. The light needs to be cultivated and the darkness has to be replaced by light. Only then real healing and real spirituality can manifest.

If God is so kind to let me witness this very special day where all religious followers go beyond their limitations to search actively for truth, for wisdom, for all-embracing love – all on their own without special messengers, then I will be more than grateful. Then the great awakening has happened and liberation is taking place.

When I speak here about religions then this includes also atheism, materialism, nihilism and all other unholy belief systems which imprison people instead of showing them the way to liberty, to happiness and self-responsibility.

May the divine awakening power unfold for the benefit of mankind and creation!

PS: I hope you were able to see all these logical errors in my proclamation of the new religion. Similar errors you find everywhere in religious teachings. The only real proof of a messenger of God are his words of high wisdom, true compassion, divine, unconditional, all-embracing love, the liberation, peace, harmony and healing he brings by his teachings for the people.