A case of verifiable reincarnation

The phenomenon of reincarnation is most interesting and fascinating. The mental core personality is wandering from one incarnation to the next one, always in different life circumstances, different cultures, religions and places on earth. It is the walk through the ideas of God to experience life and the human nature in all their aspects. The human spirit changes, transforms itself, refines and grows through all the incarnations.  And he is not alone on the path. In fact he meets more or less the same souls in every incarnation to experience new adventures and new roles.

When you meet someone and you are immediately best friends, both thinking and feeling that they know each other for eternity already although in this life maybe only an hour has passed – then you have met a friend from a former incarnation again. A wonderful happening.

Today everyone can make research on his former incarnations thanks to professional hypnosis. But you can also do such a travel through time and space in your meditation. And sometimes – due to special spiritual exercises it can be that something makes you remember an old incarnation.

When you make a research then you understand the roots of your problems, your talents, your interests and you understand also the roots of relationships in your family, with your partner and your children, also with friends and people you do not like at all. So in fact such a research is more than enlightening. You increase your awareness about everything in your life to highest degrees. And you will know about your lessons in life and also about your duties, for example in balancing old bad karma.

Everything is great, super interesting and in many cases the smallest details of old incarnations can be discovered and in parts experienced again. The only problem is that in most cases you get a lot of information but there is no physical note left about your discovered incarnation – just because you were quite normal or it is too long ago. So a physical note about a former incarnation is stroke of luck.

Here I want to share a little bit about such a stroke of luck.

A high initiate – a real Quabbalist did some exercises with the cosmic letter S which has the power and quality of all-power. All-power means unlimited energy, special fire, which spends unlimited energy for all your activities, so that you can accomplish all your tasks with full power. All-power describes the quantity aspect while almightiness describes the quality aspect.

So the Quabbalist has charged himself with this special fire and in the night he dreamt of being in a war and he felt the great fire of all-power burning in him, fighting for victory. He felt really great and most powerful, a man of fire, divine fire. In the dream he heard his name and he understood that it was a former incarnation where he was a leader in India. He felt that this was a glorious life, a powerful life with abundance in all aspects, with total success and total victory. He understood that all-power, – the divine fire was already in this incarnation a part of his nature.

The next day he made research for the name he heard in his dream and in fact he was successful. After a longer search in the internet he found his former incarnation. He was some hundred years ago a famous king in India who was winning one war after the other, – indeed his whole life was filled with war. He was a Brahman, a high initiate in the mysteries of Vishnu, with highest education in all aspects and also with good knowledge about all kinds of philosophies and religions. He was a man of justice and a supporter of arts, poets, etc. His people loved him as he brought peace, justice and he cared about them so that culture flourished.

All these special characteristics were still today strong parts of the nature of the Quabbalist. He saw himself in the mirror of his former incarnation. He was somehow still this person, this king and he understood all connections to this past, all the problems and all the good things. He understood why he has today such a good connection to Vishnu, why it was easy to understand all religious and philosophic teachings of India but also the problem of too much fire and the necessity to balance it. For the Quabbalist it was indeed a wonderful meeting with himself in a glorious past.

This is a true gift. Everyone on the spiritual path will have his moments of initiation into his past for a deeper understanding of his nature, his way. And with some luck you can make physical research about one or another past life.

People who are spiritual today, who are longing for real spiritual progress and who have some kind of abilities already can be sure that they continue in this incarnation what they have started long ago. The research on the own spiritual way through time and space can be very fascinating and amazing.