The cult of Papa S.

In the year 2251 archeologists make a great discovery. They find fascinating artifacts about an ancient cult, probably a strange sect, maybe with Christian roots. It is called soon the cult of Papa S.

According to the discoveries the single pieces of the puzzle result in a fascinating picture of life, special rites and the spiritual self-image of this group.

As far as we know there was a central figure called Papa S., an old and wise man with a long white beard. He was the leader of a group of men. All members worn the same cloths and all were male. They all had white cloths and a special hat. Only the leader had red cloths to demonstrate his leadership and his importance. His words of wisdom were appreciated and every member consulted him to find useful guidance in all issues. They lived far away from society secluded in the deep woods. They had a good relationship with nature as they followed the ideals of peace, love, wisdom and non-violence. This small group of men was happy with its situation and everything was fine until an evil wizard came into their life to hunt them. The evil wizard was not alone. He had a terrifying monster at his side. Together they tried everything to catch members of the group but their leader, the wise Papa S. was always able to save them from the evil. One day the evil wizard had the demonic idea to create an artificial woman to seduce the innocent men of the secret village. He used all his dark powers and in fact he was able to create a beautiful, seductive woman. He gave life to her and sent her to the village with the order to win the hearts of the leader and his fellows, to cause chaos, hate and fights.

When the woman arrived in the village all men fall into love with her and tried to win her heart. This caused complete chaos and everyone was fighting against each other. Only Papa S. kept his strength and withstood the evil trap. Thanks to his great power and wisdom he was able to transform the evil woman to a woman of light and in the end the chaos vanished and the woman was accepted as a new member among the men.

The evil in form of the wizard and his monster went on to haunt the good hearted, pure fellows of Papa S. but the evil has never won. Papa S. in his high refined nature, in his great wisdom and power, was always able to defend him and his fellows.

The archeologists and also the public were amazed by this religious group and their positive, spiritual attitude. Quite fast the first people gathered to reawaken the cult of Papa S. and a first leader was found to continue the great work. Now the cult of Papa S. is again alive. In the woods a small group of men and one woman live in peace according to the old laws. And worldwide new groups gather to follow their example.

And now guess – who is Papa S.? You know him!

I wrote this to show how things suddenly come into life – more or less misunderstood, without the possibility to prove the sources, to prove the reality as only fragments have survived. And at last – everything is a matter of interpretation, of own opinions, wishes, hopes, dreams.

And guess how often something similar has already happened in our past. What do we really know about our past, about old religions, cults, traditions? What is phantasy and what is reality?

It is very healthy to question things which only seem to be facts, which everyone believes but which can be also something completely different like wishful thinking, (mis-)interpretation, own ideas, half-truths, etc.

Raise your awareness for your own benefit.

I do not believe in Papa S. Do you?