Changing reality

Reality is somehow what it is – real. And somehow reality can hardly be changed. And if reality is changed then it appears like a true wonder “I have never thought that this would be possible at all! A real wonder has happened! Thank God!”

For example when you are happy then you are happy. When you are full of fears then you experience fears. When you are ill then you are ill. When you feel cold then you feel cold. When you are in one position or attitude then you cannot jump easily or directly into a different position or attitude. When you are in Rome then you cannot be in Paris a moment later.

In other words it takes a lot of energy or a very impressive event to make your present reality change. Somehow we human beings are not flexible and not powerful enough to cause quick positive changes.

For a spiritual master or magician the situation is different. A high developed soul is able to control and to change the state of mind, emotions and energy at will in short time. In fact a master is able to change reality as he wants to. This ability, this creative power has to be one big aim in the spiritual training of everyone.

For example let´s imagine that a magician or master is really exhausted. Normally he would lie down to rest and to recover and this may take half a day. But as he is a master he is able to charge himself with vital energy to regain his power quickly. So indeed he jumps from one pole (exhaustion) to the opposite pole (full battery) in shortest time.

Or let´s imagine that the master feels depressed because of a negative event. Normally he would need days to come back to a positive attitude but as a master he can charge himself with positive energies from the air element to change his emotional state in shortest time.

Or let´s imagine that the master feels cold. He can charge himself with the fire element and feels warm again. Normally he would need to find a warming house, etc.

In conclusion the spiritual student can develop himself so far that he gains complete, positive control over his thoughts, his emotions and his energy system, – this means control over his mind, soul and body. If something appears to be negative he can switch it into a positive state. In other words he is able to change is reality, to balance himself and also in good parts the reality of others. He is a master of his own fate. And this means freedom.

Control yourself, your situation and your life in a positive way. Become self-responsible and the master of your fate.