Working with the elements

When you start to work with the four elements in Bardon´s training, you can use eventually a special technique which might help you. In the normal case, you simply do your best to imagine the sensations of heat, cold, lightness and heaviness. But you can use also a different approach. Here you work with the Akasha principle and the transfer of your mind. This might sound very sophisticated and reserved for a higher step but in fact, this can be easier than you might think.

For the fire element, you can use the flame of a candle or warm/hot water. For the air element, you can use a sparrow, a feather or a butterfly. For the water element, you can use cool water or an ice cube. And for the earth element a piece of clay is nice, or you can use a stone.

All these objects or beings contain the corresponding element energy. The idea here is to connect yourself to the natural source of the element and to densify it with your imagination for the breathing exercises.

Let´s imagine that you put a big piece of clay on the desk in front of you. When you hold it in your hands, you can feel the heaviness and you know that the earth element rules this piece of clay. Now close your eyes and imagine that the clay is so big that you can place yourself into its center, being surrounded by the heavy earth element energy. This is the use of the Akasha principle and of the mind transfer. Stay in this imagination for a while and you can feel that the qualities of the earth element become denser and easier to feel for you. And now you can do your breathing exercises. When you have a good understanding of the earth element then you can do the exercise without the clay.

The same process works with the other objects. Just place them on the desk before you to connect to them.

The sparrow and the butterfly can be used directly by imagination. Both live and move in the normal air element while birds like the eagle live in the higher type of air element, the quabbalistic A energy. Just try to feel like a sparrow or like a butterfly. Feel the lightness, the floating in the air. Or feel like a feather which is carried by the air.

Understand that these are mental exercises which offer astral results by training, – when you make the energies denser by imagination.

When you are in nature, then you can also try to connect directly to the natural sources of the elements.

Or you do it in an abstract way where you put the intention to be now in the field/atmosphere of a specific element.

Be aware that there are differences and that you should work in the end with the universal elements.

Make your own experiments, enjoy them and certainly understand that mental or astral fire cannot burn you like physical fire does.