The golden Goose

There is a fairy tale about a golden goose and her golden eggs. Behind this idea, there is a principle which everyone should understand. It is the principle of increase or reproduction and this belongs to the principle of abundance.

Let´s imagine that there are two persons, an ignorant man and a wise man. The ignorant man gets from time to time a goose, kills and eats it. The wise man works in a different way. He gets a goose, feeds it and takes good care of it. After a while he gets another goose and by time the female goose lays eggs. From these eggs further geese grow up and it does not take long until the wise man has a big flock of geese. Now the wise man can sustain his life easily from his flock of geese. The ignorant man has nothing.

The same principle is true for farmers who take seeds and grow plants, instead of eating the seeds.

The golden goose is a symbol for wealth as well as the golden eggs.

Now let us transfer these ideas into our time. The ignorant person earns money and buys directly stuff. He wastes his money for temporary happiness. The wise man takes a good amount of the money he earns and invests it. He feeds his golden goose. And one day the golden goose stars to lay golden eggs. This means that he gets value or money in return from his investment. Now the wise man uses a good amount of this gain, these golden eggs, and invests them too. In this way, he produces more golden geese and logically also more golden eggs. He grows his flock of golden geese, laying golden eggs. And one day, the flock is so big that the wise man can sustain his life from the work of the geese, from the golden eggs they lay. And in this way, the wise man has realized continuous abundance, safety and real freedom.

It makes sense to behave in a wise way. It makes sense to take income and to increase it by smart investment. Financial safety and financial freedom are high values. Financial freedom means real freedom in life.

Here is also the point that you do not need to become an expert for growing geese and keeping them in a flock. You just need to know a real expert in this field and then you can ask him to grow your geese.

And as a wise man or wise woman, you start as early as possible to grow your flock of geese.

Unfortunately, people are not taught about these things, not at school and not in their families. Wisdom is a matter of development and also of making mistakes and bad experiences. We all start with ignorance, but it is up to us if we stay there or if we go beyond it.

A follow-up question is certainly how to improve the process of investment, of growing geese and getting golden eggs. The online-business offers some useful chances of generating passive income to feed the golden geese. Especially today it is all about doing everything in a smart way and this includes also the need to question “traditional” or common ways of business/work.

PS: Only rich children learn directly how to work with money in the right way. Financial freedom is certainly not a simple task and not done in “some days”. The question today is how you can create benefit for others and then how you can make your offer automatic, so that you create passive income. The second step is to find a leader in smart investment and then to give him your money to reproduce it.
For example, you could teach people for perfect bycicle training. You could offer videos for payment and then promote them on facebook. Further on, you could offer coaching on skype for this.
We need to take the fields where we are professionals and where we can help/teach/coach others.