Life´s Conclusions

Imagine that your incarnation reaches its end. In these last moments you draw a conclusion of your life. Normally life is not like a Hollywood story but full of hardship, broken dreams, disappointments and so on and quite often you feel guilty or unsatisfied with yourself. You feel that you have done bad choices or missed precious chances. And maybe you even blame your personality, your behavior. These negative insights about yourself and your life make you draw the conclusion that something needs to be changed to safe you from further disappointments in the future incarnations. Quite often people come to the conclusion that sex is bad, that a relationship is bad, that women/men in a relationship are bad, that wealth or poverty is bad, that power is bad, that dreams are bad, that religion is bad and so on. In fact, you can find a lot of bad things in life, things where you have made bad experiences and think that it is better to neglect them in the future.

These conclusions or insights lead to statements like “I don´t want to have a relationship with a woman anymore!” or “I don´t want power!” or “I don´t want to be successful and rich!” or “I don´t want to be religious!” or “I don´t want to be incarnated as a man!” and so on.

These statements have a kind of Akasha effect and they set the path for your next incarnation. In you next life you have forgotten about your decision or statement and then you wonder why you feel blocked in a certain way or why you feel attracted to someone or something which is not the “standard”. Maybe you have also decided to become a victim to experience what you have done to others by yourself.

The point is that your conclusion is made quite often in a state of pain, an emotional state and not in a state of clarity and wisdom. And your decision has long term effects which are often painful again. Indeed, you go against the higher law of living a life of balance and you are a victim of the swinging pendulum from one pole to the other pole, from one extreme to the other one. The pendulum takes time to find peace in the center. It is how fate works.

Important is to understand this phenomenon and to ask yourself if you have made any unhealthy decisions for the present life, also to prevent stupid decisions for the next incarnation. We call such things “personal dogmas”, sentences of personal belief. You can detect such sentences and go into healing, releasing the bad influences and enjoying life in a more balanced way again.

Many or most of the problems we face and which we cannot understand, have their roots in such life´s conclusions, in such decisions. As they work on a very deep level, they are normally hard to discover but as soon as you know that they exist and how they work, you can check them and heal yourself. Just go through all main aspects of life and check your dogmas. Ask yourself what you believe and why. And if you have a real problem in one aspect of your life, then work here with special care.

Also think already about what kind of decisions you want to make when you leave this world. Focus on becoming better, focus on balance, on happiness. But do not focus on the bad things and don´t get stuck in negative emotional states. The next adventures are waiting for you and you should be ready, in a vital, positive state.