Reason and Intuition

Reason /logic / intellect and intuition are the two poles of one polarity. The intellect works like a computer and is useful for analysis and synthesis, for mathematics, for rational operations. The intuition is in first place perception of things which are behind the surface and secondary it is the connected feeling.

The intellect reads the lines and the intuition reads between the lines. And we need both for a comprehensive understanding.

Now, we can say that men have a tendency to focus on reason while women have a tendency to focus on intuition. This natural tendency cause often problems in understanding each other. It is an interesting psychological phenomenon. It is a matter of the occult anatomy.

The problem is in main that a focus on reason does not work and intuition alone does not work too. We need both. In a relationship, man and woman are complementing each other (as they are the two poles of one higher unity).

Imagine a man and a woman in a large forest. The man has a map and the woman has her intuition. Together they follow the map (intellect) to find the way through the forest while the intuition warns against dangers but also lets them experience the beauty of nature. The two poles work hand in hand together.

A different example: You have a wonderful intuition about something and you use your intellect to analyze it and to put it into a concrete plan for realization. Here does the intellect serve the intuition. The intellect is often needed to understand something which you have perceived with your intuition and also to realize something in the material world.

Already in the ancient times, the Yogis, the wise men warned about the separation of intuition and reason, and about changing their status. Originally, the intuition comes first and the intellect is second as the intellect has the task to analyze, to understand what has been perceived by the intuition. Now when you put the intellect on the first place and ignore your intuition then you can face a lot of problems. And this state we have today. The limited intellect tries to understand the problems of life and is easily misled by ideologies, dogmas, etc. while the intuition, the feeling is suppressed, ignored.

When you see only the surface but not behind, how can you really understand?

Besides this general problem of today, of education especially, I want to point at the individual problems in this regard for the spiritual path.

There are spiritual women who focus completely on their intuition, on higher perception while they are not willing to study spiritual topics in the intellectual way. The result is that they lack of understanding what they perceive and what they are doing. Further on, they are not aware of what is waiting for them. This is like walking in the forest without any map and no knowledge about it but just perceiving your surroundings. This is not good and a lot of treasures are simply neglected.

And then there are spiritual men who try to understand the occult teachings just by the intellect which cannot work. They might have a good quantity of information, knowledge but they lack of the wisdom gained by experience to use it wisely. So they might have studied the map but never really entered the forest. This is not good and not useful too.

Both attitudes are rooted in personal strengths and personal aversions, fears. The man might fear his feelings and the woman might fear intellectual studies. Or it is simply a matter of not willing to leave the comfort zone.

Another aspect is the tendency to do things like you have done them before and ignoring other ways of possibilities. But life is simply meant in a way that you must take also unknown ways to learn something new and to become more balanced in your personality.

For example, imagine that you are great in intuition, that your higher perception is perfectly developed. Due to this gift, you have had the function of a high priestess in temples over several incarnations to help people with useful information. Now you incarnate again and what do you do? The same thing like in your former incarnations, – working with your higher perception and ignoring intellectual studies and also the male/magical training. But this means that you are stuck in what you do and that there is no further development. And when you think about what kind of precious teachings and chances are offered today by Bardon, etc. then you miss a big opportunity for development.

I hope that it is clear what I am pointing at. We simply must follow the law of balance and enrich us with new abilities, new powers, new characteristics, all beyond our comfort zone, walking new ways to grow in the end in a wonderful way.

We cannot limit ourselves on personal strengths, personal preferences or dislikes. Life is all about development and balance. It is always about the cooperation of poles of one polarity for the greater good of the higher unity.

This brings happiness and success.