Charging the bedroom

This is an experiment which you can do if you like. Charge your bedroom with the air element. And then check how you sleep. Second experiment: Charge your bedroom with the air element and add also the Akasha element to it. Check what happens.

The loading with the air element offers good, peaceful sleep and positive, light dreams. Your heart chakra and your mental body are nourished in this way. The air element also supports clairvoyance and clairaudience during the night, a better perception of the higher realms. It is also possible that you make out of body experiences where your mental body leaves the physical body consciously.

When you add the Akasha element, then these effects can be supported. The Akasha element “opens” the gates of higher perception and makes the mental matrix loose so that you can leave your body more easily.

However, if you like then make your own experiments. It is already wonderful to enjoy an “airy sleep”.

At last I want to say also that it is a difference if you charge yourself or the room you are in. The spiritual path is based on practical experiences and this means on many experiments.