Day and Night

Bardon was great in hiding very important topics in subordinate clauses, touching the topic only with 2-3 words and leaving it up to the student to discover how precious the topic really is. Most students simply overlook such hints as Bardon´s books are full of important information which need to be digested.

One of these hints is the term “chain of ideas”. We need to walk through the chain of ideas. It has the same meaning like “drawing the circle” or counting from one to ten. You can also say “you must eat the whole cake”. I guess that most readers still not understand what I am talking about. To say it differently, – creation is designed in a way that we have to go through all experiences and cannot neglect these or those experiences for which reason ever. This is comparable with growing from child to adult age, – you simply cannot drop the teenager period or anything else. It is a principle of nature.

The point is to become aware of this principle and to deal with it in a smart way.

We can simplify it by saying that there are good and bad times in life, cycles of polarity like day and night, times of happiness and times of sadness, times of abundance and times of loss. The ups and downs of life appear in natural cycles. The question is just how we deal with them. And this puts the question if you are an immature soul or a master. The immature soul takes it personal when the night comes. The master accepts the night as a part of the natural cycle and prepares himself. While the immature soul is suffering, crying, blaming God and the world for the hard fate, asking why God punishes him, the master stays detached and in a positive state. He knows that the day will come after the night.

And this is the key, – to do not take hard times personal but to stay detached and to learn how to deal with them in a most useful way so that you are better prepared if such a time will come again. Understanding and being prepared, not blaming anyone for your hardship.

It also means to really appreciate all the good times, the happy moments, the precious time with your friends, beloved ones. It is the gold in life. And this means to raise your awareness when you are spending time with beloved people, understanding that such special moments do not last forever, that the incarnation on earth does not last forever. Time is passing by so fast and we often do not really appreciate it. We behave like nothing would ever change, like no one grows old and dies in the end. And when things come to an end, the pain is great, the loss seems to be unbearable and maybe you regret that you didn´t spend the time with your beloved ones in a totally conscious way, appreciating each single moment.

So raise your awareness and become mature. Deal with life like a master. Accept the cycles of life and be well prepared. Don´t take things personal. It is life!