The laws and life

Creation is built on laws but the laws have no own will and no own intention.

Let´s take an example for a better understanding. Everyone knows Lego bricks. These bricks have been designed according specific laws in specific colors, seize and shape. These bricks have no own will. They just exist. Only the intelligence and will of a child determines now how the bricks are used, for which purpose and what might be built with them. Maybe the child builds a house, maybe a bridge or something different.

And this is important to understand, – the laws are not determining what you do or what happens in life. They just offer “bricks” for you to create your personal reality, to design your life. You are in charge to apply the laws in the most useful way.

Most people have this negative idea that the laws force them and so they give in into fate and think that they are not able to do anything for making life better. But this is the victim mode which is wrong and unhealthy.

The master knows the laws, is in balance with the laws and applies them for the greater benefit of all.

Once a deity of healing asked me if I follow the laws and I said “yes, of course!” and the deity answered, “well, if you want to achieve healing in worst cases, you need to go beyond the laws, the normal application of the laws!” This means that we should not just think on the horizontal level but that we should look in main on the vertical for higher laws which can override lower laws.

This can be easily understood when you imagine a situation in life, for example you speak with a normal employee in a company about something special you want to be done. And the employee has the laws of his company in mind and says “Sorry, we cannot do it.” But when you ask the boss of the company suddenly your special request can be realized. This is the difference between horizontal application of laws and the vertical way.

It is very useful to take the smart way. Embody the balance of all laws and use the laws for the greater good.