Help yourself

It is very trivial, but most people do not have the idea to help themselves with a simple meditation when they are suffering from an imbalance. When we experience a state of imbalance then we often have too much of something negative and a lack of something positive. For example, you experience distress and you need peace of mind. Or you experience exhaustion and you need vitality. Or you feel stuck and you need inspiration. These are simple aspects of the law of polarity.

The technique is quite simple. You get into your asana, into your meditative state and now you imagine that you are in a space which is filled with the quality/energy you need. Let´s imagine that you feel exhausted. So you need to vitalize yourself. You are now in a space filled with pure vitality, vital energy. You are in the center of pure vital energy. Vital energy is surrounding you. Meditate about this idea until you can really feel the vitalizing energy around you. And now start to inhale the vital energy with your lungs or with pore breathing. Charge yourself with vital energy and feel how your exhaustion is reducing. Maybe exhale the wasted energies too. Charge yourself with what you need and exhale what is bad for you. Do this as long as it takes to make you feel better, more balanced. Then finish the meditation and maybe take a nap, so that the energies can be processed by your body well.

You can apply this simple technique for all problems. Inhale what you need, exhale the negative energies.

Balance is the key for everything which is truly desirable in life.