Once there were the big ocean and the coast. The coast was open to the ocean and the ocean was able to flood the coast. With the high tides, the water of the ocean run landwards, creating pools in different sizes. And due to the rise and fall of the tides, channels were dug into the ground. These channels kept the connection between the ocean and the pools. By time, the coast changed, and the pools lost their connection with the ocean. They became independent. Now only the rain was nourishing the pools with fresh water. Vegetation was settling around the pools and different kinds of animals came to live in and around the water. The pools developed an individual nature, an individual character and somehow, they forgot about the big ocean which was now far away from them. The pools were aware of their dependency from the weather and the seasons. In the hot summer, they nearly vanished, in other times plenty of rain fell and it was fine. But this dependency activated a deep hidden desire in them, a longing for the source of water itself, a longing for the great ocean, for real peace of mind, real and unconditional, unlimited nourishment with fresh water. This desire grew more and more by time. But the pools didn´t know what to do. Some even denied that an unlimited source of water could exist, that it is all wishful thinking, a dream which would never realize. Only one really old pool was able to remember the days where it was one with the ocean.

Time went by and the coast changed again. And one day it happened. The power of the waves at high tide reactivated the channels and fresh water of the ocean flooded the pools. The unity was reestablished. The old desire was fulfilled. The pools celebrated their oneness with the source of life and their individuality took part in the endless ocean.

The great ocean is the Divine Spirit and the small pools are we human beings. Enlightenment means to open up and to be connected and filled again with the Great Spirit. The time of separation offers the chance to grow individuality and to reach perfection by reuniting with the One.