Wonderful traps and misconceptions

From time to time I think about human ignorance, serious character flaws and destructive, evil behavior. Then I wonder about the right way to perceive it, this human ugliness. Many of such people are unconscious about their appearance, about their negative nature and also about the positive alternatives. Nevertheless it does not change anything. Ugly is ugly. But then there are also people who are consciously ignorant, selfish, destructive, evil. They are more than ugly. They are disgusting. When I observe those people in their evil behavior, I see that they are full of self-righteousness, that they believe in what they are doing, that they orientate themselves only on their own desires, opinions, beliefs. They put themselves into the center of the world and they behave as if they were God, superior, knowing, the law themselves. They act as if they were in charge although no one has asked them. And so they bring a lot of disaster and misery for others. They really believe that they are the measure of all things and that everyone has to follow their standards.

Indeed they perceive themselves as gods, as enlightened beings, as superior and with these pseudo-divine qualities, they believe that they are meant to rule over mankind, to exploit mankind and creation for selfish purposes and they do it as they believe that there is no law above them whatever could judge their behavior.

Here I like to call them “pseudo-gods”. As I have said, I think from time to time about the right perception of them – if one should be sad or compassionate or if they have an entertaining quality, if it is good to laugh about them or if it were just nice to bless them with a comprehensive punishment. Be that as it may, their ignorance and behavior are in main simply amazing. The diversity of ignorance and stupid, evil behavior is admirable. But I also must admit that meanwhile I am fed up with them.

You may wonder where these ideas come from, – about behaving like a god including all bad characteristics, selfishness and destructive behavior.

This is quite simple and I try to explain it. The whole topic is indeed a play of the principle of polarity. The one, big pole is any form of normal religion. The religion contains all teachings about the human being, creation and God, and also the way to God respectively to heaven. The religion differentiates between normal people, followers and priests or initiates. Only a priest is able to understand the religious teachings in a comprehensive way and only the priest is able to reach God or to enter heaven, because of his spiritual exercises, studies, etc. The normal follower has to behave well to enter a certain form of heaven. We can say that this is a differentiation between a non-professional, a layman and a professional, the priest. This is somehow comparable with someone who only reads a book about dancing and someone who does dancing training as a professional many hours per day for many years. So reading a book or watching a dancer does not bring the same results like professional training in dancing. A real dancer is never comparable with someone who only reads about dancing. In the same way a normal follower is not comparable with a priest or initiate of his religion. This in turn means that you have the choice if you want to stay a layman or if you want to become a professional. So certainly nearly everyone can become a priest if it is his wish. Besides this, we all know that religion was always more or less misused by single, selfish priests who were not at all on a real spiritual path which caused anger and hate among the followers. With this misuse we come to the other pole of this polarity, – the opponents. These opponents saw the misuse of power of single ones or maybe whole groups of priests and they draw the unhealthy conclusion that the whole religion or the whole priesthood were bad, wrong, useless, etc. This is certainly an inadmissible generalization. But these opponents were not initiated in the mysteries of their religion and so, from their ignorant and limited point of view, they drew this conclusion. The next point is their own interpretation of the “opponents of God” – like the snake in paradise, Prometheus, Lucifer, etc. They have interpreted these opponents as the symbols for the great secret which somehow the initiates knew and practiced. And this secret was quite simple – in their interpretation – religion means oppression and deception while the true nature of humans is divine and means liberty. And at last, that there is no God but the human being. These ideas certainly come along with the status and behavior of the high priests who behaved more or less like gods.

So in conclusion, from the point of view of the opponents, religion was evil and wrong, without a real God and suppressing the truth that human beings are the real and only gods in creation. This misconception is a matter of ignorance as none of these opponents has ever undergone a real initiation and development to the highest steps. This misconception came in smaller parts from the misuse of power of single priests but in major from the own longing for power, from selfishness, envy and lower desires.

So the opponents started their own system of initiation which was indeed a bad copy of the original religion, a secret society of pseudo-enlightened ones. Such societies can be found today in a nice variety everywhere. They all have more or less the same features.

  1. They proclaim that they have a secret which no one else knows.
  2. They proclaim that they are superiorly enlightened, illuminated.
  3. They proclaim that they have the key for everything.
  4. They proclaim that their system is so ancient that they are not sure about the origins, that it must have existed since creation itself.
  5. Their system is pseudo-religious with pseudo-religious teachings, cults, rituals and ceremonies.
  6. Everyone can join who is interested in the secret, independent from his character respectively it is enough to proclaim to have noble desires.
  7. They offer no real education, no real exercises as no real development is necessary from their point of view.
  8. You make progress and receive master degrees by intellectual initiation into their “truths” or concepts.
  9. If at all, you have to do a homework which you present and then you get your certificate for a certain master or initiate degree.
  10. All rituals, cults and ceremonies are designed to appear in a mysterious way with special terms and actions but without any real content or sense and without any real power or enlightenment of initiation. It is all more a show than anything else and it is designed to make people feel special and great. It serves the ego and lower desires.
  11. For public relations they proclaim to follow noble aims in society, so that they are able to attract new members and to have a good public image.
  12. They proclaim to follow only the pure reason (, which neglects wisdom and compassion and allows evil, destructive behavior).
  13. They proclaim tolerance and best intentions (but only for themselves and all who are against their concepts have to fear them as their “reason” shows no mercy).
  14. They proclaim that everything is relative and all is equal. (So they do not know the absolute. And for them light is the same as darkness, black is the same as white and in fact everything is grey for them. They lack of differentiation. Everything is good and even the bad is good. True nonsense and in opposite to the teachings of wisdom.)
  15. They have a materialistic-atheistic world view where God does not exist and human beings are only what meaning is given to them. So if someone is taught to be a slave then he shall work like a slave for those who have been told that they are gods.
  16. The idea of being a god, completely independent from any karma, beyond the concepts of good and evil, is just a matter of information and not of development or refinement, etc. So the pseudo-master initiates a new master by telling him this secret and then he is “enlightened”. Now he has to realize his divine status in life and business.
  17. The great secret is revealed in the higher steps – “There is no god but you, so materialize your own will without any respect for others, as there is also no law and no judge!”
  18. Everything is a big show and all masters are just normal people, maybe extra bad, full of flaws, etc.

Finally I want to explain the original truth which has been perverted by the copy cats. In a living religion which is based on true spiritual teachings everyone can become a monk or priest to undergo a real spiritual training for real spiritual development and it just depends on himself how far he comes respectively which aims he has set for himself. All professions need time, effort, dedication and a lot of training. No one can make any steps of progress just by getting a certificate. God certainly exists as a universal spirit with divine virtues and powers. We are the children of this Great Spirit and we can connect to the Great Spirit and receive enlightenment but it takes effort to refine so far that we are able to unite with the divine spirit. Creation is full of mysteries and it is up to us to discover them. The human being itself is not divine at all but only the raw material from which the temple can be built where the divine spirit lives in. And a temple is never build for human beings but only for God. We can unfold the divine nature in ourselves after we have unfolded the refined human nature and in fact refined human souls are already quite rare on earth. Rarer are those of divine nature. Polarity exists and a spiritual seeker has to learn to differentiate between the two poles of polarity – nothing is all the same. All lower characteristics and selfish desires are completely contrary to a refined or divine soul. God, the divine virtues and powers, also all mysteries are a matter of experience and not of intellectual studies. And so on.

Ignorance, selfishness and delusions are not a good choice in life. You have to pay too much for them. Don´t get entrapped by such things and wonderful misconceptions of pseudo-enlightened people.

Finally I take these things as they are. The Lords of Karma and creation will take care about the “pseudo-gods” and will make them pay for all the evil they have caused.