Religions without initiation

Throughout the history of mankind religion included always initiation into the mysteries of God, the human being and of creation. Initiation, spiritual training and development were the holy task of the caste of priests, so that the priests were able to serve the followers as teachers, healers, scientists, therapists, etc. Also the kings or leaders were initiated into the holy mysteries, so that they were able to serve their people in wisdom.

Today we have the fascinating phenomenon that there exist three religions which have no initiation system, no initiates and therefore no healers, no therapists, no wise advisors, no real scientists, etc. and with this they lack of true or higher understanding. There form of “initiation” has been reduced to intellectual studies which have nearly absolutely no real value as initiation is a matter of practical training and real experiences.

Another interesting phenomenon is that these religions have cut themselves off their original inner teachings or never had them at all or adopted them from other spiritual traditions. So in parts systems of initiation still exist for these religions but they are perceived as something dubious, dangerous, unofficial, something not good and which has to be feared maybe.

For these reasons they are followers of the dead word, of literalism and this causes endless problems as only the intellect and the given holy texts are valid but no own experiences, no own spiritual development and no own spiritual research.

And this is like closing your eyes and ears, proclaiming that it is no good to see and to hear, that God wants humans not to see and to hear on their own but what is a human being without its senses? Lost and reliant on the guiding text which can never be proved because the use of your senses is forbidden. Without proof you have to believe. But a belief without proof is arbitrary and without real value or quality. And this all leads to suffering and ignorance and evil actions. And this is the reason why these religions brought so much suffering into our world. No other religion has done this.

Religions without initiation are unholy movements as they are without the true divine spirit.

And at last, one has to ask why the core of religion has been removed and banished. Certainly not for any good reasons.

But no one asks. And so the suffering and ignorance has to continue until the divine spirit enters again the souls of the followers of these religions to cause real changes. Only then true initiation can be reintegrated and practiced. May this wonderful day come soon, so that mankind will benefit.