Why YOU should believe in the Teletubbies!

I believe in Teletubbies and you? Are you informed about the higher truths? Do you know the latest revelations of scientific research? No? Then it is time to enlighten you!

Thanks to the great effort and hard work of Dr. No Sense from the well-known and internationally accepted Institute for Ancient History in New York we know now the truth about our origins.

Through many years of scientific research and some happy coincidence Dr. No Sense was able to find documents of the so-called Teletubbies. So far other archeologists have misinterpreted these texts and drawings as mythology and religious belief of the ignorant natives which once were spread over Europe. But thanks to his enormous knowledge of ancient languages and religions he was able to put piece and piece together for a convincing overall picture.

He has found out that these Teletubbies followed a sun cult where the sun appears with a baby face. Depending on the behavior of the worshipper the baby face was laughing or looking evil which certainly showed a need for punishment and sacrifices. The Teletubbies have lived in a land which we can easily identify with Paradise, – with green valleys, flowers and rabbits. The focus on rabbits seems to symbolize the cult of reproduction. Indeed according to the found drawings human babies played a major role in this culture and religious system. It is obvious that the Teletubbies were occupied with the education of people in these times and they started already in the baby age.

This might be already fascinating but the really amazing thing is that the Teletubbies were not human! In fact their physical appearance shows clearly that they were aliens, – from a completely different race. They had big eyes and antennas on their heads which they probably used for telepathy. It is handed-down that they were not really able to speak and that only strange sounds came out of their mouths. Fascinating is also to see their ufo with all the technical developments which include robots with high artificial intelligence. Obviously they have lived in their ufo. Maybe they were stranded on earth. This point isn´t clear. Dr. No Sense assumes that the Teletubbies with their advanced technology were the Gods in ancient times which found a primitive mankind and used genetic engineering to bring intelligence and culture. This explains also all the drawings of babies. Obviously major experiments took place where in the end the superior genetic material of the Teletubbies was mixed with the ape genetic material of the first humans. The drawings also support the presumption that a comprehensive education program was installed and provided by the Teletubbies.

Dr. No Sense discovered also the original names of the Teletubbies. They were four altogether, in different colors. The first and obviously mightiest one was called Stinky-Winky. His queen was Blaa-Blaa. It seems that the other two ones were their children, – Pepsi, the son and his sister Pooh.

At the moment all found artifacts are prepared to show them in public.

Thanks to these discoveries a lot of questions are answered now and we have to be thankful to the Teletubbies who brought development and education to the young human race.

According to ancient prophecies they are supposed to return in the near future to go on with their important work. Maybe they also will restore paradise and bring back the peace and happiness of the golden age where they have ruled so long.

It is said that secret societies have kept this knowledge secret throughout history but now it is unveiled and things can change for mankind.


I hope that it is clear now who the gods were in fact and where civilization came from. These great discoveries explain also the missing link in the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin.

Now you know what you HAVE to believe and whom you HAVE to follow. And now you know YOUR position in the hierarchy. You are only a genetic experiment while the true children of the Teletubbies are at the top of the pyramid. Only they know what is GOOD for you.


So this was certainly satire, fun. But fun with a serious background. How often do we see serious, super important persons proclaiming scientific truths to manipulate people? The manipulation is wrapped in wonderful words with hypnotic effects, pulling the right psychological triggers to drive you into a desired behavior.

Here it is equal if a scientist says that a pig in Mexico was coughing so bad that suddenly all people were infected or if there were special aliens in history which used apes to produce human slaves.

Indeed there are countless wonderful stories which you should question. Only who questions all these stories will get to know the truth in the end.

And have in mind that the so-called nice and good and serious people are often those who are paid for evil purposes. The “devil” is today a business man without horns but a smart and convincing smile on his face.