Esoteric mainstream wisdom

Recently I had to read some pages full of wisdom, – esoteric mainstream wisdom. What is so amazing about this special kind of “wisdom”? It is fascinating when you have a psychological background and when you have a comprehensive understanding of the laws of nature.

Let´s imagine that there is a problem. And you spend years or longer to analyze this problem, to do empiric research and scientific studies to go deeper and deeper into the understanding of this matter. You perceive this problem from all different points of view. You make tests and experiments. You check your results. You question everything and you prove it over and over again until you think that you come closer to a real enlightenment.

Then there are people who pretend to know without taking any real effort of real research. They often pick one single piece from the complex matter, cut it from all interdependencies and connections and then proclaim that everything is super simple. They reduce the complex problem to one simple law and proclaim that you just have to do this to achieve that and if you behave in a different way you do not need to wonder why bad things happen.

Indeed complex processes with a diversity of factors are simplified in a way that it hurts. On the other hand the simplicity is so attractive, so satisfying and promising that people easily believe it and follow the instructions (for a better life and the fulfilment of all wishes certainly).

Wonderful is the argumentation. It is often a mixture of a few truths with half-truths, misunderstandings, wishful thinking, more or less fitting examples and partially missing of logic. The result is a dogma like those from the bible “If you do not behave like this you will experience that!” Everything has an absolute character. There are no exceptions to the rule and there are no further things to consider or to question. And this is fantastic.

The message is also always the same: “You can do whatever you want and you are the only one who blocks you from happiness.” Here the rest of the world is not interesting at all.

I want to give an exaggerated satiric example:

Imagine you meet one of these wise guys and you tell him “Look, I am a goldfish in a small aquarium. I get only dried food. From swimming always in the same circle I have major depressions. The quality of the water is bad. What is your advice?” Then the wise guy answers: “Look, goldfish, it is not a problem to live in an aquarium and to eat dried food. It is only your perception. Release your bad emotions and don´t cultivate these negative thoughts. Instead be happy and grateful for the chance to enjoy life in an aquarium. Also, see it as a challenge to grow and don´t forget that you are self-responsible, that you have the power to change your life. Everything is possible. Focus your creative powers on the idea of living a happy life in a pool in nature or in a bigger, luxurious aquarium. You can have it all. You just have to believe. I know many goldfish which have made it and now enjoy a happy life where all wishes came true. So can you. Believe!”

Most of all “normal people” are like this goldfish. They are bound by their limiting life situation, by countless duties, responsibilities, by limitations in support, health, energy in general and especially money. And here problems are not solved with a “nice” way of thinking or a positive attitude. It is also not done by “wonderful” imaginations or ignoring reality.

Now let´s think about why there are people who proclaim such things. One aspect is certainly the great need for a simple solution. Many people or most people are suffering a lot and are not really willing to take great effort for realizing beneficial changes. These simple solutions are attractive like drugs, like pure ecstasy: “Take this pill and your life will be better than heaven!” It is the psychology of advertisement, of selling products. And then the authors become easily famous, can sell a lot of books and videos and seminars. And so they prove that it is all real what they teach. But not real for the normal people. A last but very important aspect here is that such teachings are spread by those who have a great interest in keeping the working class happy and busy. These teachings do say a single word about necessary changes in the system of politics, of economy and of society. These teachings proclaim that everything is fine and if you feel bad then you have to change and not the system. And this is very evil. If the system changes all people would be happy without any need for further personal changes. But our system is not supporting the happiness of people. Instead it is exploiting people and to keep them in this slavery state they get the “nice” messages of esoteric mainstream wisdom.

Real wisdom needs initiation, the right attitude and hard work. In the end it is more fruitful than the mainstream half-truths. But this is a matter of personal choice.