Using concentration for self-healing

What is the simplest technique for healing yourself? The use of concentration. Everyone can do this. A student on the spiritual path with good knowledge about the occult anatomy (Chakras and Nadis and their connection with organs and the functions of mind and soul) is best prepared for the practice.

Concentration means that you let your attention flow to a specific point and that you keep the flow of attention for a certain time. This means that your attention, your mind is focused on one point and this establishes a flow of energy to this point. It is like using a magnifying glass on one spot, bundling the sunlight to cause heat. When we work like this, we do not cause directly heat but we cause a high degree of activity. This happens on the energy level in the energy system/body and on the physical plane we increase the metabolism in this spot, the blood flow and the work of the self-healing processes in the body. The attention of the mind focused in one spot offers a high frequency energy supply with activating, vitalizing effects. It is comparable with an electric stream supply. In medical treatments it is common to use direct current for healing purposes of muscles, etc. And we use the “electric” energy of the mind, of the Ajna chakra, the power of concentration.

In conclusion it is quite simple, just let your attention flow to a specific point and keep your attention there over a period of time. In this way you cause activity in the energy body and you increase the metabolism there.

Now we have a few options. One option is the concentration on one or more chakras. A chakra controls one or more organs, specific psychic functions and it controls the energy flow in the “network” of nadis, of energy channels. On the physical level it controls the distribution of hormones and with this of aspects of the metabolism. The second option is to concentrate directly on one or more organs. And the third option is the concentration on a body part.

When we focus on chakras, we can directly regulate the energy flow. We can dissolve energy blockades in the chakras and nadis. We can increase the supply with vital energies for healing and the metabolism.

When we focus on an organ then we activate, vitalize and clean the whole organ including its only small chakras together with effects on the connected parts of the energy body (chakras, nadis, other organs).

Focusing on a body part activates the metabolism there with further effects on the energy flow in its nadis and connected chakras.

In conclusion, it is all logical and always similar. The point is more to know the occult anatomy to choose the fitting chakras and areas to focus on.

In general, you can simply focus your attention on the area where you feel pain or a blockade. Keep your concentration for several minutes and observe what is happening. This is the general approach which is good and useful.

If you want to activate and vitalize your whole body/being, then focus on the feet chakras. Eventual additionally on the hand chakras.

If you have emotional problems then you can work with the solar plexus chakra and connected organs of the so-called belt of emotions (for example: liver = anger/hate/unsolved problems, kidneys = sadness/stress/death/grief). The solar plexus is the seat of all emotions.

If you have problems with feelings like love, harmony, peace, then focus on your heart chakra.

Problems with communication, self-expression are connected to your throat chakra and the small one below it.

Problems with thinking are connected to the Ajna chakra (and regarding headaches with all smaller chakras of the head).

For sexual problems focus on the sex chakra. For the intestines use the navel chakra.

In general, regard the whole chakra system, especially also those on the back. Much more could be said but I leave it up to the student to study the occult anatomy.

You will see, that it is all very simple and logical to apply and that it does not take years of experience to get good results.

Concentration as a tool for self-healing is the number one technique as it is super simple and effective. Just make your own experiments and maybe a first few tests with concentration on a chakra, a hand, finger, etc. to see how things work for you.

By the way, if you feel pains when you do the concentration, then this indicates that something wants to be dissolved or healed in this area. A healthy organ feels good. If negative emotions, thoughts or memories come up in your mind due to your work, then this is unpleasant but a good sign that things got dissolved and that you are liberated from them.