Hints for beginners

In short: All exercises should be designed in a way that they are interesting, fascinating, fun, motivating, varying. Give yourself time. And I highly recommend to make a Haritaki treatment directly from the start to support the development of higher skills. Haritaki will clean and activate your higher centers which is basically important for success in all mental exercises. Use Haritaki for at least 3 months or even a year or more. Haritaki has many beneficially effects. Check the internet for more information. To make you free for success in the astral exercises, you should undergo a professional liver and kidney treatment for 3 months. Check the internet for useful remedies. Additionally, build up your intestinal flora for a perfect supply of vital substances. Do also endurance training like jogging. When you follow these hints, then you should make good progress right from the start. If you do not follow these suggestions then it is possible that your training is unnecessarily hard as you work against obstacles.