The development of the ego

We can say that the so-called ego is on the one hand the solar plexus center, ruling the belt of emotions and on the other hand it is a specific state of several chakras respectively of mind and soul. And in first place it is the ageless child, the child of the sun which is experiencing life as an individual.

It is very important to understand that this child is all we have in life, that it is a vital part of ourselves. It is this part which can have all kinds of emotions, which can enjoy life, which has fun with other people and beings.

Now imagine that this vital part of the human nature is ignored, killed, destroyed, etc. like some spiritual teachings suggest or require. Then only consciousness remains, a consciousness without feelings, without the joy of life, without any interest in making experiences. It is the nature of Saturn which remains, the cosmic consciousness, impersonal, eternal, dead for the world, detached.

Killing your inner child is not the solution. It is more a misunderstanding or a mistake in communication in the teachings. The true key is the healing of the inner child, the healing of the ego and its integration into something bigger.

Now, let´s start with the development of the ego. During the incarnation we begin with being a child, a child in a process of growing. Somewhere our physical bodies become grown up and we appear as adults but in fact, the inner child is still in charge in everything we do.

When we observe children, then we can see that they love to play. Life is all about playing, playing with other children, playing in nature, having fun, making new discoveries, being curious, getting to know the world. This is all wonderful and positive.

Another characteristic of children is that they are limited in understanding and with this also limited in making wise decisions and in taking useful action. Limitation is the basis for individuality. We must be limited in all aspects to experience ourselves as individuals with own thoughts, own perception, own feelings, own behavior, own needs and own wishes.

These natural limitations offer personal experiences but also cause all kinds of problems. When you are limited to perceiving your own needs, feelings and desires while it takes extra effort to understand others, problems are guaranteed. And here we see the roots of really all kinds of problems in life.

We can say that there are a few main categories of problems due to the limited nature of the ego or child:

  1. The ego needs or desires something but does not get it. This causes suffering, maybe hurt, frustration, sadness, depression, anger, etc.
  2. Two egos meet and desire different things which ends up in competition and fighting with or against each other. This leads eventual to success of one ego and frustration for the other ego. It is also quite common that a lot of hurt is done which causes suffering, etc.
  3. The ego does something stupid due to its colored individual perception, unhealthy beliefs and opinions. Maybe first the ego feels great and the disappointment comes directly afterwards when realizing the mistake. Then we have again suffering, sadness, depression, anger, etc. The whole range of emotions is always possible.
  4. The ego has good intentions but does something bad. When beloved ones are included, the tragedy is great. Endless suffering is the result.
  5. The ego has learned that all seem to be selfish and so the ego behaves selfish too. The selfish behavior causes a lot of damage and with this suffering.

These cases can be seen as the most common ones. The conclusion is that due to its limitations, the ego does a lot of stupid things and these stupid things cause a lot of suffering. The suffering causes hurt and damage to the ego. And a hurt ego can become aggressive, demonic, evil or it can withdraw itself from the world. We have to remind ourselves that children are very vulnerable and can get hurt easily. As we can see, “evilness” is often just a way of protecting the child from further hurt, respectively it is the answer to the evil behavior of others. “Eye for an eye.”

Now, all little egos, all children go through all these experiences and they learn from them. Learning from all the pain, hurt and suffering makes the ego question how to avoid these things and how to go beyond this “kindergarten level” of behavior. The solution is to understand other people, to show empathy, to cooperate instead of fighting, to undergo deep healing and to follow the spiritual path in the end.

And this means, that the limitations are expanded step by step to become a better human, to enjoy life together.

And then, in the end, it means to open yourself to the eternal, unlimited aspects of the human nature, the divine self, the divine unconditional love, the unity beyond individuality, the cosmic consciousness. In this way, the two poles of the eternal, unlimited nature and the human individuality are united and the purpose of evolution is accomplished. The human ego is guided and comforted by the divine love and wisdom. And all is good. Life can be enjoyed together.

Love is always the way, the only way!