Positions in life

The title sounds strange but you will understand quickly what I am talking about. We can say that there are four main positions in life which you can take:

  1. The normal human position of imbalance
  2. The human position of extreme imbalance
  3. The divine position of balance
  4. The divine position of focus

A normal human being is characterized by its imbalance in personality. There is a natural dominance of one or two elements which shows up in mind, soul and body, and in life as well. It is simply the natural state of human beings which causes challenges and problems in life including the opportunity to grow and become more balanced. We all have a natural longing for a higher degree of balance.

In the case of extreme imbalance, the person shows mental disorders or physical illness. Extreme behavior is causing chaos and leads to the doom of the person. The extreme imbalance is a call for help and for healing, for getting balanced again.

The position of God is always the center, the Akasha point, the depth point. A human being enters automatically this point of perfection when the four elements are well-balanced in power and quality in his nature. This position offers wonderful effects. When you are in balance with yourself, you will be in balance with creation and this means to enjoy life, to be happy, to be vital and in good health, to be inspired and guided, to have peace on mind, to take part in the natural state of abundance, to realize wishes in a good way and so on. The position of God is the place to be. It is the golden state. Perfection. It is the aim of spiritual development.

And at last, we have the divine position of focus which is an imbalance but a positive one and a matter of your mission or situation. So for example, you are an artist, then your life has its focus in being creative. And when you embody the divine genius for arts then this is simply great. So, for all professions or missions there are deities which embody all corresponding virtues, skills and powers and you can embody they too. In this way you accomplish perfection in your field of activity.

Imbalance causes always problems, shortcomings and with this a need for growth and change. Balance means always perfection and true happiness. The highest kind of balance is found in God. And in general, your degree of balance or imbalance is reflected in your situation of life.

Most people are busy with trying to manage the symptoms of their imbalances but this does not change the causes.

Balance yourself first and then your problems will vanish automatically.