Two main aspects of the human energy system

We can perceive the human energy body as a system consisting of energy centers, energy channels and energy structures, all working on the mental, astral and physical plane with specific functions.

The human energy system is an interactive part of the greater energy system of creation with its polarities, different sources of energy, etc. and the other human microcosms. All parts are interdependent, communicating and exchanging energies permanently.

Simplified said, the human being is vertically connected in the polarity of sky and earth, and horizontally connected to other humans as a polarity of relationships as well. On the horizontal level the human energy centers produce and receive energies and exchange them with other humans. These are mental and emotional energies of experiences and social interaction. This is the one main aspect.

The second main aspect is the vertical flow of energies in the human body, from earth to sky, which reminds of the flow of water in trees from the roots through the trunk into the crown with all its branches and leaves. This vertical flow has in main the function to vitalize the whole human being, taking the energies of the earth, refining them in steps for all planes of existence of the human nature.

When we think now about health and healing treatments then we have again these two main aspects, – the flow and supply of vital energy vertically and the quality of energies, mentally and emotionally from the exchange with other humans.

Healing must mean to dissolve blockades vertically and horizontally, and to reestablish the natural vitalizing flow of energy from earth to sky like in a tree. And it must mean to clean and heal the horizontal level of the energy centers, their structures, etc. – healing from painful and bad experiences and strengthening the positive thoughts and feelings.

Now we come to the point that in most healing treatments only a major focus is put on the horizontal level, cleaning and healing emotions while the vertical level is a little bit ignored. So the patient lacks of the necessary vitalizing energy supply. Often only the root chakra – if at all – is a little bit cleaned and vitalized. But this is not really sufficient.

The normal healing treatment deals with the well-known main chakras at the front of the body, – these are the centers for the horizontal interaction of mind and soul with other human beings.

When we take a look now on the vertical polarity then we see that other chakras and parts are important. Here we start with the feet and the feet chakras, the energy channels of the legs, the root chakra as the master center of vitality and energy supply for the whole microcosm, the small butt chakras which are important for the energy supply parallel to the spine channel and then certainly all the chakras at the back which are corresponding to all those of the front up to the head, ending in the crown chakra. From the spine channel several channels supply energy to organs on the right and left side of the spine together with the channels coming from the two butt chakras, vitalizing organs like kidneys, liver, lungs, etc. So in fact the whole back with its energy channels, smaller centers and supply of vital energy is very important. Imagine here the trunk of a tree, – if there are blockades, the energy from the earth is not able to vitalize branches and leaves at the trunk and in the crown respectively the organs of the body and the psychic centers.

Psychologically seen, the back with its centers, energy pumps, is the place where things are hidden which you do not want to face. So people suffer from back pains as they are not willing to face problems with open eyes in front of them.

This means that the cleaning and vitalizing of the back with its system of chakras and Nadis is very important, an important aspect of spiritual healing sessions.

In regard of self-healing sessions you can easily do nice concentration exercises on all the chakras of the back, of the legs, the earth element region to dissolve blockades and to increase the flow of vital energy on the back side. Feet chakras, root chakra, butt chakras, the chakras at the spine and the kidney chakras are most important. The main chakras of the spine are already supplying fresh energy to the organs and centers on the front. But some additional focus on the small chakras of the organs is recommendable to dissolve blockades there if necessary and to directly vitalize the organs.

The vertical polarity works in best way when root and crown chakra are active together with all chakras on the spine, the feet and butt chakras. Then you have a full stream of energy at the back.

These ideas should be considered when you work as a healer but also when you suffer from back pains and a lack of vitality.