Some words about the future

For Robert. Thoughts about the future have been always fascinating for people and so it is no wonder that there exist a lot of different ideas and visions.

As Robert has asked me about my opinion I will share some thoughts about this interesting topic. Besides all phantasies, ideologies and wishful thinking there are some higher principles, laws of creation and evolution which take responsibility, which we have to consider and regard.

The first and most determining principle is that evolution is working in cycles, recurring cycles. The cycle of life of a flower is just an example in small size in comparison to the big cycles of cultures, societies, mankind itself, etc. It is always the same – birth, growing, flourishing, reproduction, death – and then the next cycle starts in the same manner.

Now when we take a look at the history of mankind then we can say that as far as we can see the culture of India is the oldest and it was already totally developed in all aspects. (To understand this you have to make comprehensive studies.) So the high culture of ancient India was indeed what has remained from a former cycle of evolution. The culture of ancient India provided the highest level of philosophy, the highest level of arts, of medicine, of engineering, of religion, of spirituality, of everything. They had all kinds of high technology like aircrafts, spaceships and machines of all types. They not only knew about our multidimensional universe but also cooperated perfectly with higher beings, gods and higher worlds. And so on… The maximum of human evolution was accomplished. Nevertheless they had the same war going on between the Asuras, the kings of the material world and the kings of heaven, the Suras, the servants of the Light. Matter versus spirit. In these days the Suras have won the fight thanks to Shiva, the great destroyer of evil.

So this is another, natural point – the eternal fight of the gods against the semi-gods. Good versus evil. The forces of light versus the forces of darkness. We will probably have always these two tendencies independent how evolved mankind becomes. There are always people who don´t want to God, to the heavenly realms but quite the contrary want to be gods on earth, ruling over enslaved people.

Coming back to ancient India – such cycles simply repeat and so we can say that the past will be also the future. Mankind will flourish and unfold completely and then at some point something will happen where this mankind will vanish and a new mankind will rise to start the next cycle. As usual some initiates of the old mankind will help the new mankind to progress. They will be the teachers of the new cycle. In parts maybe the gods of the new mankind.

This new mankind will have at least a slightly different “flavor” as it is never about to copy 1:1 a cycle but to celebrate diversity and the divine creativity. So they will probably look a little bit different, etc.

But until these things happen, the present mankind must go through its own cycle where in the golden age perfection is accomplished in all fields and the decline starts in steps afterwards. During this process of spiritualization, declining, becoming ready for the heavenly realms, normally the new mankind is rising on a raw level with a focus on the material world.

Now we are at the moment in time where the golden age is starting like the first rays of sunshine after the dark night. So indeed we are near the first moments of the sunrise of the spiritual age. Due to this change we experience so much chaos and problems as the old dark systems have to fall naturally while something new is going to be born.

The changes in the cycles depend in general on the cosmic radiation, the energy which feeds mind and soul of people. This means that in the dark age we have in main “material” energy and in the golden age a supply of high spirit energies which have natural enlightening effects on people. In the night the beings are sleeping and during the day all beings are active. This is natural. And without this major enlightenment by the cosmic energy radiation mankind cannot awaken to its full potential. For this reason spiritual development was a matter of secret societies, secret teachings and traditions during the darker times. Now it is already a matter of the public where people can join schools without problems.

Moving towards the golden age many things will change. To some degree there will be always the fights between those with a focus on the material world and those who focus on heaven and God. But things shall become more liberate, more peaceful, respecting the free will of humans in general.

People will return to more self-responsibility. They will enjoy personal empowerment. Eternal human values will be celebrated again and they will serve for orientation in all fields of society. So the ego is no longer the measure, the highest standard but virtues like wisdom, love, justice, etc. will return.

These changes in values will also cause major changes in the political and economic system. So democracy will be abolished and replaced by a system of councils where topics are discussed according to the highest values and principles. It is no longer a culture of debates, endless fights between ideologies but it will serve peacefully the highest good of mankind and creation. And certainly, only the best people are meant to take part in these councils for the benefit of all. So it is now a matter of suitability.

Due to the high development of technology and artificial intelligence people are liberated from normal work and so they are free to do what really makes sense. This means they can choose where and how they want to serve the community and creation. It also means that they have all they need to study what they want to learn and certainly to work on their spiritual development. Liberty is the big keyword in these days and deliberate service for society.

Meanwhile mankind has grown so far that people are able to distinguish between high and low quality teachings, truths, half-truths and nonsense in the religious traditions and so they will focus only on what is good and true and ignore the rest. Liberty and respect are here again keywords for progress.

Diversity is respected and celebrated as a divine principle. So mankind is flourishing in all colors and flavors. Cultural-traditional habits are still in use and perceived as enrichment for life.

Technology, artificial intelligence and spiritual development including the knowledge of the higher realms and beings all come together, melting, so that we will enjoy a techno-magical age with machines who have a kind of mind and spirits who use machines to become active in the material world. The “material world” becomes spiritualized and the spirit materializes.

The future is all about liberty, growing, unfolding of the divine-human nature, making own decisions, orientating on highest values and virtues, serving society and creation, being enlightened, knowing about the higher realms and higher beings, integrating everything in a positive way, enjoying the beauty and abundance of life.

Mankind will become liberated from its sleep, from its darkness, from its state of slavery, from being imprisoned in the material world.

The light will shine in us, around us and through us.

Magicians will still exist. Older souls and higher initiates will still exist. But magic will become normal as people will experience that we live in a magical world. And like in the old days, magic will be enhanced my technology.

Until all these things happen, we still have to work on the first and important steps to enter the golden age.