Spiritual teachings and their two opposite sources

When you incarnate down here on earth you have not the slightest idea about God, your potential divine nature, the spiritual hierarchy which administrates creation and the evolutionary plans for the human soul. The only thing you can do is to wonder about everything and to develop different ideas about what could be the answer to all your questions.

Philosophical thinking, personal research, the use of consciousness-expanding drugs, higher perceptions, revelations from the spiritual realms and the incarnation of spiritual teachers brought up an agglomeration of religious-spiritual ideas, teachings and traditions.

And this is the way mankind proceeded over thousands of years and developing in this way the different religions and spiritual traditions.

This is the natural approach, the growing upwards from the ground like every tree and every plant do it. Everything grows naturally from the bottom upwards. It is the bottom of creation, the basis of the pyramid. It is Malkuth, the kingdom, the great diversity. So it is no wonder that we have countless different ideas, legends, holy books, stories, religious and spiritual teachings, etc. about God, gods, the sense of life, mankind and creation.

In contrast to this source rising from the bottom of the pyramid towards the peak, we have the divine, absolute source of all knowledge at the top of the pyramid. From the peak, the number one, creation comes into existence, the number four, the basis.

The point here is that indeed someone must first climb up the ladder from the bottom to the peak to dive into the universal omniscience, into this divine, absolute clarity and understanding, into the laws of creation, the principles, the original knowledge. When this someone has received highest enlightenment, divine omniscience and understanding, he can go back to the bottom and teach people directly from the absolute, divine source. And this is a major difference to the thoughts and ideas which were made up by humans.

This also means that we all are asked to grow beyond all human limitations of religious-spiritual traditions to receive the absolute initiation.

When we look back in history then we can say that only the most evolved spiritual masters got so far to receive a universal level of understanding and initiation beyond their religious frame.

The problem was always to become able to see the “naked truths” behind all veils of belief, opinions, culture, tradition, etc. This was never easy as the veils were perceived as the original nature, the naked truth itself already. So indeed it was a problem of perception, of the filters of perception and of projections, assumptions, ideas.

The second problem was the great secrecy. So even if someone was initiated into universal knowledge, he has not passed it on or made it public. So universal initiation was very limited to only a very few mature souls.

Today the situation has changed in some way. Franz Bardon cleared all teachings and offered the universal core from the divine source and understanding. Never before was the highest knowledge presented in such a clear, logical and absolute way – liberated from the veils of human thinking, from relative beliefs, opinions, traditions, etc.

Imagine you have a cup of soup and you are wondering about the essential element of it, the nature of water. You see the soup but you cannot see the water as the soup is full of ingredients. So you are speculating. Maybe the original water is yellow like the soup, maybe it contains crème, maybe it has a salty taste, who knows… And then Franz Bardon comes, filters your soup and presents you the clear water in its original nature and explains you how and why the ingredients were added. And then you wonder.

Now the point is that certainly not all relative-human made teachings and beliefs vanish directly and are replaced by the divine universal teachings. So we still have all religious beliefs, traditions, etc. and also the secret societies are still focused on the “bottom source” of spiritual teachings where they make research and interpret holy books to find some real pearls of wisdom and understanding.

For the spiritual seeker it is very important to understand the difference between the “basis/bottom beliefs” and the divine-universal teachings. On the level of the basis of the pyramid you find the great diversity of beliefs including all different standards of quality, – truths, half-truths, dogmas, beliefs, opinions, etc. But only in the direct revelations from the peak, the divine source, you get absolute and clear knowledge of highest quality. So it is a major difference in quality and it makes much sense to focus primary on the universal teachings and to check the other pole only for useful knowledge to understand the universal teachings or their application better.

And at last – when you have understood the universal teachings, you can easily understand all teachings of the basis of the pyramid.