Go beyond!

When I observe the activities of spiritual people then I feel a kind of sadness. There are lots of good souls which just rotate around themselves without getting anywhere. This means although they are active or highly active they do not move forwards, for making progress but just staying where they are and this over years and decades. This is really sad. Most people have a very strong need to stay in their comfort zone without going beyond it.

You can call it comfort zone or you can call it your personal prison as it limits you, as it keeps you from making new and precious experiences.

The comfort zone of a normal person is very small and based on the conditioning of its society, culture and religion.

The comfort zone of a successful, powerful person is much wider as such a person loves challenges and grows by each challenge it undergoes.

The comfort zone of a spiritual person is often quite different and limited to heaven where it feels fine while the material world is the place of horror, of undesired challenges, of suffering. The point here is certainly to integrate heaven on earth, to unite what belongs together, to spiritualize the material world and to materialize spirituality.

The comfort zone of a true spiritual master is nearly all-comprehensive respectively does not really exist anymore. A master can dwell nearly everywhere and feeling comfortable as his comfort is divine, coming from the inner divine source and does not depend from outer conditions. And this means real freedom!

Such things must be understood.

So for all normal, successful and spiritual people it is ALL about to expand the comfort zone, to leave the personal prison of beliefs, your mental prison of thoughts, preconceptions of the “dangers” outside of your comfort zone, your emotional prison of fears and doubts.

You MUST go beyond!

In fact what we call “Life” happens in main outside of your comfort zone. Life means to be alive, to be active, to face challenges, to undergo changes, to discover mysteries, to grow permanently, to unfold your powers and skills, to develop new qualities.

In your personal prison there is only stagnation, life on the lowest possible level, nothing new which could vitalize your mind and soul. It is just comfortable, safe and boring. It is like staying in your little hut without ever open the door to the real world.

Let´s check some examples:

Imagine you are a quite normal human being and you use your body only for walking, for going to the super market, for sitting on your couch, for lying in bed, etc. This might be nice and maybe sufficient but it is really absolutely nothing in comparison what you could do with your physical body. You could learn how to dance, you could do martial arts, you could become an artist in a circus, you could be a marathon runner, triathlete, ballet dancer, swimmer, hiker, mountaineer, etc. A whole new world is waiting for you, a diversity of experiences and you are just using your body for shopping and for watching TV, eating popcorn. You waste your potential!

Or imagine what you can do with your mind, with your intellectual skills. Instead of thinking about how hard life is, about going to your job on next Monday, about your relationship, shopping, TV stuff, etc. you could develop your potential, you could read fascinating books, you could learn new languages, you could occupy yourself with science, arts, philosophy, with research on mysteries and so on. You could unfold the whole divine brilliance of your mind, of all your intellectual skills, of spiritual skills.

Or when we think about the soul, – most people are stuck in always the same stupid topics. My ego needs this, my ego wants that, I am driven by my passions, I have to focus on my desires, my preconceptions, my partner and my children have to behave like I want them to and so on. The big kindergarten ego games! But in fact your soul is so much more than the ego. Your soul offers so much beauty! You can unfold the Divine in yourself and then the wonder of liberation takes place. You feel centered and free, you know who you are and you know what is right and what is wrong. And you can make the right decisions. Instead of being a slave of the needs of the ego, you can spread your wings and take off to enjoy the beauty of heaven.

When you look at a flower in its different stages of development, what do you think? Is it an experience of freedom and unfolding when the flower is sleeping in the earth as a bulb? Certainly not. As a bulb in the earth the flower is totally limited in its experiences like normal people in their comfort zone. But on the great day where the bulb becomes active and grows beyond the surface of the ground, experiencing the bright sky, the sun light, etc. then the flower gets a first grasp of the meaning of life, of freedom, of real happiness and development and then progress becomes fast, then the flower unfolds its divine beauty. And this is also true for the human soul! You are a flower and it is high time for you to grow beyond the comforting prison of your earthly bed.

Now let’s come back to your situation as a spiritual seeker. Most important to understand is that thinking about spiritual topics is nice, discussing them is nice, posting stuff on Facebook is nice, being a member in a spiritual group is nice but if you don´t become active with real practical exercises then your life will stay the same, nice, but not more and your soul won´t make any progress of value. You must get into gear. You must go beyond nice spare time activities. And you must understand that you cannot stay who you are. Growing and development means always change! And we are here to grow and to change. You cannot withdraw yourself from change, especially from necessary change processes!

Understand this as it is most important!

So unfortunately we will have this group of spiritual seekers who want to stay the same and who focus only on “nice” conversations, nice studies, nice posts on Facebook, etc. All this without any real progress.

Then we have the group of spiritual seekers who look for progress but are completely blocked by their fears or who lack of the necessary energy, motivational power, maybe true love and devotion for the path, etc. Here we see a focus on the blockades, on the limitations. “There is a border which I cannot cross. There are the walls of my prison. There are my mental-emotional limitations. I am a victim. I have to wait until someone rescues me.” These things are based on negative experiences, real problems and also on preconceptions, on the tendency to perceive yourself as a helpless victim of external conditions, of bad fate, etc. And this attitude doesn´t help you at all. Quite the contrary fate will force you to become active and to understand that you are the one who has to rescue yourself. You are the hero, the master, the savior and no one else! And as soon as you understand this, understand that all the power lies within you, you can make progress, you can go beyond your limitations and you can leave the victim mode! And certainly you can get support from other people to make steps of progress but in main it is your self-responsibility.

Every spiritual seeker must understand that the spiritual path is not only about enlightenment and wonderful initiations into mysteries BUT in main about realizing true mastery in life and becoming fully self-responsible!

The savior is inside of you! Awaken your Divine Self! Realize your higher nature!

Also understand that the spiritual path is comparable with the development from childhood to adulthood.  We simply become adults. We learn to understand the world. We learn to take responsibility. We learn to care about others. We learn to make good decisions.

This is something positive and not something to fear. So be open for development. Be open for changes. Be open to unfold your potential.

And in this way join the group of real spiritual students who undergo the practical training instead of wasting precious time!

Leave the human kindergarten behind and join us on the holy path!

Live the high human values, the great spiritual ideals!

Grow beyond!