How to go beyond

In the last article I showed the necessity to go beyond your limitations. Now I want to discuss how to do it. As always it is just a matter of knowledge and training in steps.

The expanding of your comfort zone – going beyond limitations – is based on a very simple principle. Staying in the comfort zone means to feel good, satisfied. Stepping outside of your comfort zone means the experience of stress, of discomfort, maybe suffering, pain, fears, doubts, etc. It is the confrontation with the unknown, with something you haven´t experienced so far, something where you have preconceptions, where you lack of understanding, of being used to it.

So in conclusion the real and main problem is to bear the discomfort over a certain time until you have expanded your comfort zone, having integrated the formerly unknown.

In fact this ability to bear discomfort, to manage unpleasant feelings, to cope with stress is the key to progress, to grow, to develop new skills, new powers and new positive characteristics!

And this all starts already for everyone in his youth. A little baby does not know about using toilets and so it must wear diapers. The baby is not in control of it needs in this regard. It just urinates automatically and naturally. Now when the baby grows to a little child it needs to learn to wait until a toilet is available. When your bladder is full, it means discomfort and the urgent need to release causes a kind of suffering if the toilet is not directly available. On the other hand the child cannot simply urinate into its trousers. So the situation requires the control of the child over the need to urinate.

Already here the child learns to expand its comfort zone, its limitations by taking the pain and waiting for the next toilet. That´s life. We all know this.

And we have many needs which in most cases cannot instantly be satisfied. So we have learned to manage feelings of hunger, of thirst, of being tired, exhausted, of pains, the need to sit, the need for sex, for love and so on. These things take strength, personal strength, will power but also understanding, a positive attitude (heart) and endurance.

Now we come to the next point. When your body asks for the satisfaction of a need and you say “No, not at the moment, wait!” – Who is in charge? Who is in control? Your body? No! Your emotions? No! Your mind? Yes, it is your spirit, the original king in your microcosm who is in charge, who is meant to rule over your thoughts, emotions and physical body needs!

Understand this deeply!

Let´s imagine that you are on an exhibition and there is not a single toilet anywhere for which reason ever. You arrive at the exhibition and you already need to go to the toilet. You check the location, you look here and there and the need for the toilet is increasing, the pain is increasing and you feel already symptoms which are alarm signs for you to take action quickly. Nevertheless, there is no toilet and you keep on searching. After three hours of pain and suffering you finally find the toilet. Meanwhile you have seen the whole exhibition.

This example just shows that time, pain, etc. are simply quite relative and that it is completely up to you how long you can bear these things, how long you can keep your control. When you have the will power of a master then your abilities to stand pain are superhuman.

This means also that everyone can expand his abilities to keep control under bad conditions in steps. It is simple training and the idea to get used to it. In this way you can deal with all problems of the physical body like hunger, thirst, the need for sleep, for a toilet but also with emotions like fears, anger and negative thoughts like doubts, etc. (This is also true for addictions and passions.)


Understand this!

Now we come to a very important point. When you observe such needs and how they behave then you make interesting discoveries. Let´s take fears. Let´s imagine that you face a situation which causes fears in you. So the fears are rising, your heart beats faster, your breathing gets more intensive, you start sweating, you feel the urgent need to run away, you get nervous, you think that you are going to collapse soon, etc. These symptoms are very unpleasant and they might be hard to bear. Now let´s imagine that you are not running away, escaping, but that you stand the situation. What happens now? The symptoms, the fears reach a peak and then they decrease automatically, naturally. After maybe 10-30 minutes all the fears and symptoms are gone even if you are still facing the same situation. And this is the point!

Negative feelings and urgent needs start, increase, reach a peak and then decrease naturally! This is true for all needs, addictions, etc.!

So in conclusion what you have to manage, to bear are maybe 10-15 or 20-30 minutes but not more. You will get back into balance naturally.

Fears cannot long forever!

In the master attitude you just become aware that maybe fear symptoms rise but you stay detached and you just wait until they are gone and probably you simply focus on something positive to make them vanish fast.

Stay detached like an observer to your fears!

Keep your control!

And know that not a single person ever died by fears, feelings of thirst, hunger, etc.

You are stronger than these symptoms. You are the ruler in your microcosm. You are meant to control your thoughts, emotions and physical body needs!

For the practical training it means that you should meditated again and again about the power of your spirit, that you are the master, the king, the ruler in your microcosm, that you are in fact in control over your thoughts, emotions, passions, addictions, habits, behavior, etc.

In the second step you should do exercises where you observe negative symptoms of discomfort, of eventual fears, pains, where you get detached, focusing on a positive attitude of power.

In the third step you expand in steps your ability to stand discomfort so that you are able to go beyond your present limitations, beyond your comfort zone. And certainly you will experience that it is not as terrible as you might thought so far. Focus on the positive aims, develop positive visions! Look full of joy towards reaching your goals! Then things become easier and you will make faster progress.

Grow and go beyond! Become the master of your life, of your microcosm!