Motivation & Resources

Motivation is a big topic today as we need motivation everywhere and permanently for job, for family duties, for spare time activities and certainly for spiritual training and progress.

Resources are a connected topic as we all need sources of energy to be able to stay active, to take action and to regenerate as well.

Let´s start with motivation. Practically we can differentiate a few types of motivation:

We have the external motivation. Someone or something forces you to do something. So you are not really asked but you have to because a person or an event pushes you to become active. We know this from parents who tell their children to behave in a certain way, also from teachers and from the boss at work or a special situation which forces you to take action.

We have the internal motivation. Here a wish, desire, idea rises in you which makes you getting active. These can be needs, desires, passions, ideals, beliefs, etc. You want something and so you work on realizing it. In this type of motivation you are the boss and you make the decisions. This is in general a better type of motivation than the external one.

Then we differentiate between negative motivation and positive motivation. The principles of life and development, karma follow always the same patterns. You as the human being are on your way of life, behind you are the demons and in front of you are the angels. While the demons hunt you with their tridents, the angels are attracting you with love, light, abundance, beauty, fulfilling your ideals. So you are motivated to make progress by the tridents, negative motivation and in a positive way by the divine gifts and promises. The “demons” are the forces of karma, of fate which push you to balance your disharmonies. Imbalances grow by time and the low voice of fate becomes a voice of thunder when you are not listening, not willing to learn your lesson and to restore harmony. The angels are always “nice” but for progress unfortunately not enough. The main problem here is that you as a human being are sitting in your comfort zone where you feel quite well without any great motivation to do something. In this state it is hard to hear the voice of fate and it is only nice to see the promises of the angels. For this reason most people need a major kick in the butt from the dark side, from Saturn, the demons, from fate to move forwards.

Regarding this situation it is highly recommended to listen carefully already to the low voices of fate and to balance problems asap before the thunder storm of fate punishes you. A proactive attitude on your path of life and development is very useful.

Then we have the absolute motivation. It is the most powerful motivation of all and offers you a superhuman attitude in life. There is no obstacle, no hardship, no force which could ever dissuade your from your path, from your aim. This type of motivation comes along when you have found the sense of your life, the higher sense of a project, etc. Then you can do things which are beyond the normal human power.

In conclusion this means that you have to find the higher meaning, the real sense in your life, in your work and then you are unstoppable, then you will unfold great skills, power and the necessary characteristics for accomplishing your aims.

There are many examples of people who have gone beyond the normal human level, who have realized excellence in their fields of activity. And so can you! Follow your sense in life! Give your life a higher meaning!

Don´t waste your precious life by sleeping awake in the comfort zone!

Now let´s turn to the topic of resources. Everything needs energy to work. So we need energy in form of food to work on the physical level. We need mental energy for mental tasks and we need emotional energy for our wellbeing. Certainly we need also spiritual energy. In conclusion there are different types of energy and with this different sources of energy supply, – some for activities, some for regeneration.

Here are the main questions “What are my resources? Do I have all activated? Are resources blocked or ill? Do I need to open new resources? And so on.

Quite often in life we are lacking of a good supply with energy in one or more fields. So maybe we are working too much and lacking of regeneration, sources of spare time and family. Often people are too busy with the material world and so they lack of spiritual energy supply to nourish the soul and spirit. Or it is also often the case that a source which should supply healthy energies has turned bad and is polluting you. For example you have bad “friends”. Or someone is withdrawing energies like a vampire, making you feel weak and exhausted.

In conclusion it is wise to get an overview about your resources, to check if they are vital, to get rid of bad sources and to activate positive ones for a well-balanced energy supply for all aspects of your life.

And when you have always enough and good energies then you can make progress and you can realize all your aims and wishes.

And certainly when you combine good resources with the higher sense in life, then you are perfect prepared for the best experience of your incarnation.