The importance of the work with the four elements

The normal human being and also spiritual students experience themselves as limited to their individual character with specific qualities, powers and abilities. “I am this, I can only do that but I cannot behave like xy as I have not his characteristics, talents, energy, etc.” So we have naturally the different main characters according to the four elements with a dominance of one or two and a deficiency in the other elements. It is a natural state of imbalance with strengths and weaknesses. For example someone might be well developed in the fire element with great will power and good imagination but lacking of emotional understanding, empathy. Someone else might be a brilliant thinker but lacking of earth, not grounded. And so on. Now, certainly people do their best to survive life with their specific imbalances, powers and deficiencies.

From the spiritual point of view it is most important not only to survive with your personal powers but to unfold all elements in a well-balanced way in quality and quantity. This means perfection, perfect vitality, perfect diversity of powers, skills and virtues.

And now it is important to understand that ONLY this balance of the four elements is the key to total success and total happiness in life.

So you can try to get along in life with your individual talents but at some point you will fail as you lack of the energies which are needed. You cannot balance or answer everything in life with will power or with emotional reactions, with patience, intelligence, etc. Indeed you should give the right, analogue answer to the question life puts to you. If a situation needs empathy, you cannot answer with the intellect. If you need to take action you cannot answer with patience. And so on. And this is what you must understand. Instead of focusing on your individual powers to survive, you should focus on accomplishing the magical equilibrium to have the fitting answer for all questions which occur.

And here the only key is to undergo as soon as possible the breathing exercises which Bardon describes for the four elements. Only in this way you will be able to balance and nourish yourself.

The four elements are the most important key for your liberation, for health, happiness, vitality, success and abundance. When you are balanced in this way, the dark forces, also fate, etc. has no chance. You are untouchable. You are free to follow your higher sense in life, your mission!