The astral aspect of the quabbalistic training

There are different ways to accomplish effects on the astral plane, for example to work with a low voice or to repeat a letter three times or to determine a specific space for the letter or to use a threefold formula.

I want to point at something different and something important. The whole science and art of applying quabbalistic letters starts with the so-called mystical training, the preparation of the student with all letters in all aspects. This means first of all the student has to become a perfect, divine microcosm, a perfect image of the macrocosmic God and only then he is able to perform the letters in a successful and lawful way.

The main plane of work is here the mental plane, the plane of the spirit as all letters are in first place of the nature of the spirit and with this of the spheres of the macrocosm. Only secondary the letters work on the lower planes of existence. And here we can say that it we create the body of light like it is mentioned in certain traditions. Light is spirit, spirit is light. Light is our original nature.

After this first mystical training to realize the divine nature in the student, the training goes on with using the different letters as single letters to accomplish certain qualities, powers, abilities and as formulas for similar effects. Due to this intensive training over months and years the astral and physical body become influenced and transformed as well automatically.

The whole quabbalistic training is very powerful and the student has to manage these powerful effects on his state of being.

Now Bardon mentions in in rare cases regarding the use of certain letters or formulas that the student can or should work with the letters like we know it from the accumulation of vital energy or the elements. Here is the aim to realize directly powerful effects on the astral plane, the astral body.

The point here is that this technique is mentioned only as a side note and only for very specific purposes regarding astral powers and skills. He does not mention it in the mystical training for preparation.

Nevertheless I suggest to integrate the breathing/accumulation training for the astral body in the mystical training or directly after it to refine and empower also the astral body perfectly as far as it is bearable. The accumulation training offers a wider range of effects, of empowerment, of qualities and skills, – on the astral plane.

But never forget – you should survive the training.

As a side note, – certainly, when you do excessive accumulation training then you accomplish also physical effects to some degree but this is all in first place a matter of being able to survive these macrocosmic powers.

As a second side note, – besides working with single letters and formulas and names of deities there are further training programs which deal with “super fine tuning” of specific qualities, powers, skills and states of consciousness. But these special programs are so comprehensive that they take much research and a lot of time. This is in main the range of the twofold formulas.

These hints are sufficient as only in the real training such questions and topics come up.