The role of Identity and Identification

This is a topic which is rarely discussed but quite interesting and also important for the spiritual path.

The spirit itself is pure without imprints before it starts the endless cycle of incarnations. This state is also called the “negative perfection”. It is like a blank paper which was never touched by any color pencils.

So the pure spirit starts to incarnate and by experiencing itself in the different roles of each incarnation, the spirit becomes imprinted, formed and structured. Simplified said in one incarnation the spirit gets green tones, in the next one blue tones, then yellow colors, and so on. The spirit identifies itself with the different roles and experiences and develops in this way identity and individuality.

For example in one life you experience yourself as a warrior and you get all “colors” of the warrior image impregnated into your personality. You have the qualities, the powers, the abilities, the way of thinking, the way of feeling and the way of behaving of a warrior impregnated into your soul. The warrior image is now a part of your nature. In another life you are a craftsman or a sailor, etc., you are a father, a mother, a politician, a wealthy man, and so on, – so indeed there are endless roles which offer special experiences and also endless situations which make the roles special again. And this happens from incarnation to incarnation over countless lives.

And in this way you develop yourself as an individual with increasing self-awareness and personal identity. This means that at the beginning of your incarnations you are more like a herd animal where all animals of community are equal in appearance and have no real personal identity. Think about goats, sheep, fish, birds, etc. And only by time, by going through more incarnations you achieve self-consciousness, – you become a real individual which differentiates itself from other individuals.

As an individual you develop your own history. History means identity and personal roots where you come from. Identity determines also the way for your future. This is all important for us as human beings and as a soul in your evolution.

When you ask someone who he is he will says that he comes from a specific country, from a specific culture, from a specific society, religion, place, that he was in this school, has this job, these hobbies, this philosophy and so on. He also identifies himself with his outer physical appearance, as a man or woman, with certain behaviors, thinking, feeling, perception, etc. So it is a big complex. When you remember your former incarnations then you can says even more about yourself, that you have incarnated in different cultures, religions, places on earth with different roles in society and so on. All these things are shaping you! The individual which you are.

We can say that this is the first part of the journey of the human soul. In the second part our development leads back to our divine origins. Here it is all about balancing the great diversity of imprints and aspects of your nature. Balancing means also cleaning and healing from bad experiences. And then it is all about refinement and growing in all aspects in a well-balanced way in power and quality towards divine standards. And then one day you accomplish the “positive perfection” which means to be a god-human with identity and full self-awareness, a perfect temple of God, a divine individual. Then you are a shaped diamond where all imprints are composed perfectly in full beauty. This is the evolution of the soul. And again this is important to understand.

Besides this general journey of the soul there are further aspects which we have to face. Today especially in the Western World we experience a time where identity and individuality are getting lost respectively are replaced by superficial and questionable forms.

So for example when you look at a person from history, maybe just hundred or two hundred years ago then you will see that this person identifies clearly himself with his tradition, his culture, his local habits in appearance, language, behavior, etc. He expresses especially his individuality by countless specific details in his clothing, in the jewelry he wears and his hair style. All is handmade and special, with specific decoration, colors, patterns, symbols, etc. In fact such a person is a piece of art and absolutely unique, interesting, fascinating and telling long stories about himself just by his appearance and behavior.

Such a high level of individuality we still find in the East and the South but rarely in the West.

This wonderful expression of individuality has been replaced in the West by mass production of cloths and trends of society, TV, movie stars, etc. So today we “show individuality” by choosing Nike, Adidas or Puma shoes, by wearing jeans in blue, black, green, etc. and especially by wearing t-shirts with senseless symbols, messages from the big companies!

In conclusion, individuality is today reduced to a choice among products of mass production which are designed not by yourself but by companies.

And when you think about the fact that in former times everything had its sense and message in comparison to today where everything is just superficial design without any sense or message then we see a real loss of quality, of individuality, the dulling of the mind. Humans are exchangeable today, exchangeable for companies, for society, etc. It is the unhealthy tendency back to the herd animal state, the sheep flock.

The point here is that being an individual and the possibility to express this, means real empowerment, real personality structure. When you are a sheep then you are just one of thousands which are all the same, powerless, trivial, irrelevant, exchangeable. But when you are a real unique individual, then you are special, then you are powerful, authentic, with personal qualities and you cannot be ignored or exchanged. You are no longer a sheep.

Individuality means power! It means a strong self-awareness, self-confidence.

And these things we have lost today. People look like sheep, behave like sheep, are powerless like sheep and people are treated like sheep. And this is a true tragedy.

And here we see the dark forces in action, how they destroy the natural-healthy way of identifying with true values, with your roots and so destroying real individuality, cultivating sheep.

Sheep are good to manipulate, to use and misuse. Sheep are good to control, to form, to keep for exploitation. Sheep-humans are what the dark forces need.

Unique souls in power and with self-confidence is what the light forces work for.

Become unique beyond the mainstream of today! Get back into your power!

Life is based on diversity, on beings of all colors, on uniqueness!