Why all good is only secondary

Maybe you are one of those who have already wondered why mankind makes nearly zero progress regarding all that what is good and important.

Sometimes on TV or in interviews people discuss very simple solutions to major problems but somehow no one is really interested in realizing them. For example there are very nice ideas about replacing fuel for cars with hydrogen and oxygen for pollution free combustion. Or to grow woods in desert like areas to support a positive climate for humans and animals. Or to use the Sahara desert for collecting sun energy for Europe and Africa. There also nice comparisons like the investments for military stuff versus the investments for hungry children in Third World Countries. So if you stop the military expenses for war and arming then you have plenty of money for the really good and necessary things to stop suffering worldwide and to bring humanity on a new level of prosperity. Or another example, – experts know very well that the mass of bureaucracy is pure madness and takes too much money and effort, etc. So if bureaucracy is reduced people would benefit a lot from simplification and less taxes, etc.

The problem is that no one wants such changes or maybe a few want these beneficial changes but not those in power and not the masses. Those in power lose their power and control whole the masses simply do not know about these things. And those who know and have the power to push changes are not interested because they are paid by the elite.

In conclusion we have three factors, – power/control, hierarchy/dependency and knowledge. And the three groups, – elite, servants of the elite, masses of people – have simply different interests. For all three it is about to keep the position. The elite wants to keep the power, the servants are dependent on the elite as they are their puppets and the masses are meant to keep their standard of ignorant and willing slaves.

The masses are normally too ignorant and too busy with their own problems to start a revolution, to stand for their own rights, needs and wishes. They are happy with the entertainment program which they receive from the servants of the elite. Keeping slaves happy, busy and ignorant has been always the major job of the elite respectively their servants.

The elite has no interest in changes. The elite has absolutely no interest in supporting the masses in anyway. Here is the aim to keep them peaceful respectively to keep them in a state where they are easily to manipulate according to the higher agenda. This is accomplished by the entertainment program with all its drama, tragedy, comedy, phantasies, illusions, news, propaganda, etc. When the masses are kept in an emotional state of happiness, hope and fears then they are willing to follow. Measures of keeping the masses in a dull and ill state are also very useful.

Only the “middle class”, the servants of the elite would be able to change something because of their knowledge and their positions of power. But they are also not interested as their positions in society depend on their usefulness for the elite. If they go against the agenda of the elite they would be replaced directly by other, more willing servants, or better said puppets. You can see countless examples in politics, science and economics.

So at last it is all a matter of survival, surviving life as good as possible. The more money you get and the higher your position in society is the more you are willing to go against what is good and important.

And this means that a real, positive revolution, real progress for mankind needs a very special frame to become feasible.

Only when people are set free from money, from positions of power, from the need for security, – only then they are able to stand up for what really matters. And this is exactly what has been happening in society throughout human history. Always when there is a great disaster manmade or from nature, people start to focus on the good and important things. But if society is well established people forget about the precious and really important things. And this is the start for the doom of a society.

The whole topic is sad, is amazing and it is working in natural cycles. So many times high cultures flourished and died always for the same reasons.

In conclusion if you want to cause real changes people must be free to work on them and they must feel a real need to do so. And certainly they need the knowledge, the tools and the right leaders to realize these changes for the benefit of all.

When I was a child, I was a real idealist but today I am a realist. As a realist with ideals you can work on the progress of mankind in your personal frame of possibilities.

PS: When you ask yourself why all processes must be super complex then the answer is simple: The more complex processes are the more money can be made. And – the easier it is to manipulate things for specific purposes. The more complex processes are the harder it is to understand them and their hidden aims.

And when you ask yourself why really stupid things are discussed and set as aims, – lacking of any scientific, logical basis, then it is also quite easy to answer: These are inventions to define new aims for the economic developments which means growing for business and growing for tax income. The consumption is pushed and people are kept busy. The funny point here is that these ideas, inventions or aims have such an illusionary character that people with a good intellect can easily see their false nature. And certainly it is always good to proclaim to “save the world” and to keep people in an emotional state for manipulation.