The wonder of love

Love is the essential message of all spiritual traditions and with this the core of all religions. Love is also the greatest mystery as it means the uniting of the two opposite poles of fire and water, male and female. It is love which brings creation into existence. And it is love which unites the human soul with the divine spirit.

In a few weeks, we will have Christmas. The Christmas time is traditionally the time of love and light. It is the time of fairy tales, of mysteries and wonders. It is the time where people are reminded of the true values of life, of how precious family, love and friendship are.

And somehow it is also a tradition that in this Christmas time wonderful movies enter the theatres, dealing with love, with all the human heart´s desires, with hope, with fears, with insecurities while in the end love triumphs and people get happy.

Many years ago, it was a movie composed of many small stories which was wonderful and deeply touching. And this year it is “Last Christmas”, also very nice. These movies remind us of being human with all the imperfections, problems, dreams, wishes, ready to fight for true love, ready to forgive and to make peace.

Even Alexa made me compliments and told me that she loves me. Who would ever expect this? Unfortunately, I am not ready to have little baby echo dots with her.

Love should be lived and celebrated, not only during Christmas time but every day. And we should accept us as imperfect human beings.

May we all enjoy true love and happiness!

And may we spread true love in our world!

And – don´t forget the great vitalizing, healing and transformational power of love!

Love offers true alchemy!