Simple thinking

Most people are very economical in forming their opinions. They orientate on the opinions of their favorite newspaper, their favorite party, their favorite celebrities, their favorite speakers on TV, etc. They simply follow and copy opinions. This saves a lot of energy. They are like parrots, – talking without checking the content.

Then there is also the behavior to simplify problems as far as possible. We can examine this in a wonderful way in politics. All problems and all solutions can be connected to the attitude of the parties. So, you can say that the problem / solution is left, middle, right, green or liberal. You have your favorite party and everything what comes not from your own party is bad while all things from your party are great. This simplifies life in a most wonderful way. Additionally, you choose a party which you really hate. Everything from this party is absolutely evil and not worth to discuss. And certainly, all members and sympathizers of this party are evil too.

This is simple thinking. It is an attitude which opens all doors for manipulation, brainwashing and all the evil which is happening. It is the common, human attitude.

Then there is a second type of simple thinking. When you leave the complexity of the material world and move up the pyramid to the top, where God dwells, you can understand creation from his divine point of view, where simplicity rules, where creation is ruled by divine laws and principles. And from this point of view, you can really understand the chaos and complexity of what is happening on earth.

Simple thinking – energy saving versus wisdom.