Mind Empowerment – Mind Healing

In these days, the human mind respectively the brain is often not in best condition and not offering best performance. Most of us work too much every day at a PC, looking at a monitor the whole day. Then we have our smartphones and TVs, – all these electric devices which radiate blue light and lots of electro smog which has bad effects on brain, eyes and mind. It is an unnatural lifestyle without balance. It is a self-destructive lifestyle. The permanent electro smog makes people dull and it causes headaches, exhaustion, etc. Watching screens throughout the day, every day, has hypnotic effects which are not good as well. We are pumped with advertising and garbage over TV, smartphones and the monitors of our PCs. Only when we spend time in nature without any devices, we become aware what real life is. Only then mind and brain can recover.

Besides this bad general situation for all of us, there are people who suffer from mental disorders, mental diseases where the brain does not work as it is meant to do. The memory, the intellect, the perception, etc. can be concerned or the performance of the intelligence is too low. Or mental skills could be better.

When we think now about the fact that the brain is the main control center of the whole body, then we can easily imagine how problems with the brain affect also the whole body with its functions as well as the soul.

Now, what is the solution? Mind and brain need a “cleaning”, a vitalization and an empowerment to work in a healthy way, in a better performance.

Besides all normal approaches which are often insufficient, with side effects, there is a very simple, powerful and superior approach.

It is the approach over vibration.

Everything is in vibration and everything has its specific vibration or frequency. And vibration is the original thing which gives life, which animates things. This key is used in the Quabbalah to vitalize energies, to make them dynamic.

The brain has its vibrations corresponding to its state, depending on if it is active, passive, in meditative states, in a creative state, in concentration, etc. but also if it is in a bad state, exhausted, ill, etc.

The different frequencies of vibration of the brain in connection to the various states of mind have been examined scientifically and methods have been developed to influence the brain with artificial frequencies.

Many years ago, the software Neuro Programmer was released where you can mix sounds with specific frequencies to influence the activity of your brain in a desirable way. Although this software is good and professional, it does not use the full potential of this technique.

Recently, Marko Huemer, a meditation practitioner and specialist for computer technology has developed high quality brainwave audios for various purposes, in main for spiritual application.

In this place, I want to focus not on the spiritual purpose but on helping people in the best way to manage mental problems and to restore the full performance of mind and brain. When I think about all those who are of higher age and who suffer from bad memory, reduced perception, reduced intellectual faculties, etc. Or when I think about young children with problems or those with mental disorders. I believe that they all can receive healing by applying a training with the brainwave technology and this without side effects and for a small sum of money. The potential to help people with this technology is not explored yet. It can become a revolution, a true breakthrough for mental problems but also for all kinds of emotional problems, blockades, traumas and physical psychosomatic problems.

Besides this, it is also possible to raise the intellectual faculties for all who have to learn a lot. Imagine the children at school how they easily go through all the lessons and exams. Or imagine those who learn new languages. It is simply amazing, all these great opportunities to raise the consciousness of mankind.

For spiritual training, such audios are certainly recommendable too.

It is my wish to develop a special series of brainwave audios together with hypnotic sessions to accelerate the spiritual development of serious students. The future will show what is possible.

Meanwhile, you can check the shop of Marco Huemer and support his great work: https://www.brainwave3d.com/