How to become a false or true prophet

Have you ever dreamt of a career as a false prophet, as a deceiver and tempter? I will give you some hints about the traditional way how to do it.

Certainly, you do not start as a professional. At the beginning you are quite innocent. Probably you also have some ideals. Your ego is strong. You enjoy power. You love to be in the focus of attention. You feel that you are the born leader, the one people have been waiting for. You are interested in religion, in the mysteries of God and creation. And you are a daredevil, – you want to test your limits.

Your personality and attitude make you join a kind of religious-mystical education. Quite soon, you have the impression that there is more to discover, to experience than your teachers tell you. You feel that you are ready, that you are called, and that your teachers do not realize your greatness, do not understand who you are. And so you go your own way. You want a direct, a personal God experience. You want a breakthrough.  And you know that your time has come, that you are meant for a higher destiny.

Now, how can you accomplish your goal? You can do fasting. You can use traditional drugs. You can go into a cave. You can go into a desert. You can go into the holy mountains. What is the most thrilling experience?

You decide yourself for fasting in a cave in the desert. This should offer the best chances for great experiences. So, you tell your family and friends that you want to meet God in the desert. Some think that you are crazy while others admire you.

After a long march with a minimum of food and drinks, you arrive in your cave in the desert. Already at the third day you start to feel weak, thirsty, hungry and your mind does not really work anymore. You are busy with prayers, with meditation. All kinds of thoughts and emotions come up. It is an inner state of chaos. You cry, you shout, you call for God to hear you. You feel alone. You feel desperate. Fears come up. You feel angry. You have visions of your painful death in the heat of the sun, left alone. Demons are dancing around you. Your state of health is really bad and so you are open for all kinds of delusions. Your subconsciousness is very active, playing tricks on you. Then you hear voices. The devil is ready to take your soul but with your last power you send him away. And suddenly, it seems that you are heard, that God has heard you and a voice tells you that you are the chosen one, the messenger of God.

Your family is in great worries and sends someone to look after you. He finds you lying on the ground, totally exhausted, underfed, in a shocking state, nearly dead, with foam in your mouth. He rescues you and after some days of recovery, you start to narrate what you have experienced alone in the desert. You talk about the demons which tried to tempt you and how strong you were to resist their torture. You talk about how the devil himself tried to tempt you, how ugly he was and that you had visions of hell. But thanks to the glory of God, you were stronger than the devil and in the end God himself talked to you and unveiled that you are his messenger and that you have a great mission to accomplish, – to spread the words of God. Your family, friends and neighbors are overwhelmed, amazed and flabbergasted about your great experiences with the devil and with God. This focus of attention makes you feel good. It is strengthening you. It is confirming that you are chosen by God, that you have a mission.

Full of energy, you start to spread the word of God. You have a vivid imagination and so you mix common religious ideas with your own thoughts, and you are talking, preaching, narrating your stories to the people on the market, full of enthusiasm, full of charisma. You have a great sense of mission and people are uneducated and gullible. And so you win more and more followers each day. But there are also some people who call you a fool, a troublemaker. How can they dare to behave like this towards the chosen one of God? It makes you angry and it makes you realize that violence and force are necessary to make people follow you. You realize that God wants you to fight the infidels and to convert them. And so, you start the holy war. God speaks through you and so you are right. You know the will of God. The resistance of people confirms you. You must fight the devil in them.

And so you preach and fight and the number of your followers is growing. Meanwhile you got the insight that it is not enough to preach. You need a book. You need to write a holy book. And you need to give laws to your follower. They must be kept under control and you are the only one who knows what is right and what is wrong. And so you start to tell your writer all what you have on your mind. Your religious ideas become more and more political and you draw a picture of a society in all details how everyone has to behave in the correct way. People need to be controlled. Discussions or resistance can not be tolerated. Zero tolerance is the best tolerance.

And so you develop yourself stepwise to a kind of nice tyrant which is all-merciful and at the same time absolutely merciless. But God wants it this way. Kill those who are against you and be nice to those who follow you. This works very well and instead of preaching, you are busy with conquering one city of infidels after the other. Holy war is good. It brings money and women. You know that God wants only the best for you and so you deliver his messages to set all pleasures for men as God´s will as well as the submission of the serving women. And as all before you, you describe the tortures of hell to keep control over your followers, and the fruits of heaven for those who behave well. Heaven provides everything to fulfill the desires of a man, – best food, wine, lust, sexual pleasures, the most beautiful women to serve you, a gigantic genital, gardens of pleasures, etc. That´s what you dream of, how you imagine heaven and what you think are the thoughts of God as you are his one and only messenger. Indeed, God and you, you both are so united that God takes great care about your personal needs and desires. And so you tell your followers that God does not want what you do not want and that God allows you all what you desire to do. God is truly great and merciful. Your teachings contain good and nice ideas as well as evil and destructive ideas. You present the nice ones in public for a good image while the evil ideas are applied for the infidels and your opponents.

After a while and thanks to your strong drive for the holy war, you are set in your position and you have conquered all areas around you. The people worship you as the one and only, the chosen one who is the true messenger of God. Now it is time to think about the future and declare that your family shall stay in power and control after your death and that the whole world needs to be conquered to please God. You also set the holy truth that you are the last true messenger of God, that your holy book is the absolute truth which shall not be discussed. All those who have doubts about these things are infidels and have to face the death penalty. This is a very good step which is much appreciated by your followers because it offers clarity and in the holy book, they find the guidelines for all questions in life. Your mission is accomplished. God is satisfied with your service.

In conclusion, we can say that the ego plays a major role together with a vivid imagination and delusions, in parts also mental disorders. People are not led to freedom and followers are not convinced by spiritual teachings of high quality but by the sword, by torture, threats and death. Promises for heaven focus on lower passions instead of spiritual ideas. Women and dissenters are discriminated. The war on infidels brings money and power. The religious teachings are a mixture of already existing teachings and some own ideas. Criticism is not allowed at all. The teachings are absolute.

In the following, I will show how to become a true prophet. Then you can compare both and draw your own conclusions.

A true prophet is also not perfect directly from the start. So, you are born like everyone else. Maybe there are special signs that you are not a normal soul but someone with a mission. The priests of your religion can tell this. Already as a child you show spiritual virtues, high intelligence, the wish to serve higher ideals, etc. You are different than the other children. Maybe strange in their eyes.

Maybe you start already in your childhood to teach people about spiritual values, about right and wrong, and the message of love for all. As soon as possible, you begin to study spiritual literature, sciences, philosophy and if available, you join a true spiritual tradition to undergo a comprehensive education and training. You are very diligent, and you make great progress in shortest time. You show all kinds of spiritual abilities. You make great experiences in your meditations and your teacher recognizes your gifts. He sees that you are a very special soul, an old soul with a long history of spiritual training during many incarnations. And so, you pass all initiations and tests, and you develop yourself as an enlightened, spiritual teacher.

It is your heart´s desire to serve God, mankind and creation, and to bring people the eternal teachings of divine wisdom. And if you feel that it is right to go into public, instead of working in silence, you become a speaker, a teacher and healer, and so you gather mature souls to pass on spiritual teachings and to give healing and blessings. And if the time is right, you renew the present religious teachings, cleaning them from negative and wrong ideas or you bring a new, clean and fine version of spiritual teachings which fit into the present time. In all you do, you follow the higher sense, the principles of wisdom and all-embracing love like all teachers before you and like all those who come after you.

The divine qualities which you express by your words and behavior are inspiring the people around you to follow you, to listen to you, to apply what you say. This divine spirit, this light which you offer, spreads in a wonderful way from one village to the other, today over the internet, so that more and more people feel your call, feel the call of God through you. Probably you will educate a first generation of own students and so an organization gets built and structures unfold. This can be the beginning of a new spiritual tradition, a new religion or it is the update of an old one.

In conclusion, as a true prophet you are a servant and teacher, following the spiritual principles of unity, love and wisdom. You empower people by education, by healing and by giving them the right values to create life in a positive, responsible way.

When we compare both ways, then we see in the first case the ego and a lack of true refinement and initiation which leads to force, violence and submission, while in the second case the divine is in charge, the education and initiation of the master are complete, and the master follows the principles of wisdom and love to fulfill a life with a higher meaning.

My intention here is to give you two fictitious examples which you can use to examine the different religious or spiritual teachers or prophets in history. The main question is always: What is human? And what is divine? And, – what is evil? When you use this key to analyze religious and spiritual teachings, then you get a real and deep understanding. Viveka, the power of differentiation, the power of the master who is able to distinguish light from darkness, right from wrong. If we all had viveka, we would enjoy paradise on earth.