Spiritual Coaching – with Ray

Dear fellows on the holy Path,

I would like to introduce my new website:


As you all know, I am dedicated to mastery on the spiritual path and it is my heart´s desire that all serious students make as much progress as possible.

You probably also know, that I am not only an author but also a coach, hypnotherapist, spiritual healer and naturopath for psychotherapy, and all this with a good background in project management, the science and art to get things done.

With my new website, I want to offer professional coaching for all those who really want to make progress, – progress in an efficient and successful way.

So, please check my new website, enjoy it and see you soon!


Stay blessed!

Yours, Ray

PS: As my coaching will help you in many ways, you can also save money by booking it as business coaching. Please check this great opportunity with your tax consultant. This means spiritual coaching nearly for free!